What it Takes to Move Mountains

Trevor English

Road construction, mining, tunnels, and product manufacturing may all sound unrelated, but one company does it all. Atlas Copco has been "moving mountains" for 140 years now, with involvement in some of the largest infrastructure projects throughout the world. In 2013 alone, the company made US$12.3 billion with their largest single market being the United States. They are unique in how they approach new problems for clients and develops innovative solutions specifically tailored to individual needs. Now, to celebrate their 140th birthday, they have launched the campaign Ideas Move Mountains highlighting how strategically developed solutions can solve problems.

The campaign video highlights some very interesting solutions to breaking up a boulder. Of these, even a group of athletes ran full force into the several ton rock, but to no avail. In fact, during filming, the football players didn't want to fake it, so they gave it all they got despite the pain of tackling an immovable object. Atlas Copco is hoping to achieve a stronger collaboration with customers with a goal of improving their business and even the industry. You can even test out your knowledge of earthmoving by taking their interactive quiz at their website.

Atlas-Copco-logo[Image Source: Atlas Copco]

The company isn't just a drilling company or a roadbuilding business, they do it all, from machine development to project financing. "No mining or tunneling projects are alike," says the company, so they approach each project with brand new personally tailored solutions. This kind of business model allows clients to incorporate highly specialized equipment into their project site, all custom built by Atlas Copco.

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Atlas Copco drilling tunnel[Image Source: Atlas Copco]

Innovative ideas are at the core of who they are, and Atlas Copco is hoping to develop some even bigger solutions with higher client collaboration. On the Ideas Move Mountains website, you can even view some of the specific methodology problems are approached with at the nearly 50,000-employee company.

Over the years, Atlas Copco has shown that there isn't only one way to move a mountain, and who knows, the next innovative solution could be yours.


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