WhatsApp Is Testing Self-Destructing Messages

Based on a specific time period, the messages will disappear forever.
Fabienne Lang

If you've ever wanted to share sensitive information via WhatsApp quickly but were hesitant due to security concerns, a new feature may allow you to do just that very soon.

The messaging platform, used by 1.5 billion people each month, is developing a new feature that will allow users to select messages to self-destruct after a specific period. 


WABetaInfo first discovered the Android-based app feature in its 2.19.275 version. They have said, though, that this feature might not be available to everyone yet. 

Why would you want your messages to self-destruct? 

These types of self-destructing messages could be useful for anyone sending sensitive information — be it for professional or personal reasons. 

Once the message disappears, it cannot be retrieved ever again. 

This feature already exists in other messaging services such as Telegram, Gmail, and Facebook Messenger.

The feature in WhatsApp is more basic than the above options. It includes two options, five seconds or one hour — nothing in between — for you to choose. All messages in that chat will then be deleted. 

A little caveat: this feature is currently only available in group chats, and not individual messages. And everyone in the group has to agree that all messages in the chat will be deleted after the specified time. 

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WABetaInfo has not disclosed when this feature may become available to everyone, or what it will be fully capable of doing. However, this may be a welcome addition to the global messaging app when it launches, if they choose to that option in a group chat. 

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