Why Engineers Are More Important Than Everyone Else

We're not being cocky, engineers are really better than everyone else.
Trevor English

Well, technicians and designers are still cool too, but engineers are on top. Other than just saying that what are some ways in which we can actually prove that engineers are better than everyone?

Engineers are a unique breed of human, our ability to process data and work together on teams is unique to our profession as a whole. That 4 to 6 years of engineering education shapes engineers into workers that all have highly superior working traits. Let's take a look at a few.

Engineers' smarts

So, it may be obvious that engineers are going to be smarter than everyone else, but by just how much? Researcher Jonathan Wai actually looked at quantifying the smarts of each academic major as a whole. 400K people were surveyed with varying education levels and degrees. Here is how the data turned out.

engineers smart

[Image Source: Jonathan Wai]

Jonathan proved that those with engineering, science, and math degrees demonstrated much higher ability level in both specific and general areas than all other majors. Finally! Real proof that engineers are smarter than everyone else.

Teamwork ability

Engineering is a profession that requires constant teamwork, and nearly all engineers can work on a team very well. Now, we may not all like forced human interaction, but if we have to work together, engineers know how to optimize their productivity and workflow. Nearly all aspects of engineering education place students in teamwork environments constantly, so by the time new engineers make it to the workforce, they are ready for anything.

Business is Impossible without engineers

All facets of engineering are essential to business. Without engineers,  there would be no network connections, no working computers, no structures, no legwork in products, nothing. While some companies may be able to continue working without engineers, every company requires an engineer to set up their initial technology and get them moving along the business train.

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Engineering degrees are valuable

That engineering degree you have hanging on your wall is likely worth millions of dollars in prospective income. Whereas that degree in medieval literature could probably be put to better use as a placemat. When you earn an engineering degree, your value, and worth to a company skyrockets, and struggling to find a job is something of the past.

There are certainly more ways in which engineers are better than everyone else. What are some ways you consider your engineering prowess to be paramount in the world?

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