Why You Need a Camera Gimbal in Your Life

Camera gimbals are game changers when it comes to recording films and taking pictures. Here is why.
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Created: 9/7/2020
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If you are a budding videographer or a seasoned professional, camera gimbals, like the CRANE 2S, might be the camera gimbal you have always dreamed of. 

What is a camera gimbal?

A camera gimbal is a device used to allow a digital camera to rotate smoothly along a given axis. Usually equipped with motors and sensors, most gimbals today are 3-axis. 

camera gimbal what are they
Camera gimbals are great tools for offering stable shots, Source: Zhiyun Technologies

These devices stabilize a camera (usually digital today) while the user tilts, pans, or rolls it to create smooth footage while they are on the move. 

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