How can WireGuard technology help maintain mobile privacy?

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Created: 4/17/2023
Astrill VPN
Astrill VPN

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WireGuard is a modern VPN protocol that has been making waves in the industry. It offers a number of advantages over traditional VPN protocols, including faster speeds, lower overhead, and improved security.

In this article, we'll discuss how Astrill's implementation of WireGuard has made privacy protection easier for iPhone and Android users.

What is WireGuard?

WireGuard is a VPN protocol created to address some of the limitations of traditional VPN protocols. It was designed with simplicity, security, and performance in mind. Unlike traditional VPN protocols, which can be complex and difficult to set up, WireGuard is easy to install and configure.

Additionally, its low overhead and optimized encryption algorithms make it faster and more secure than a traditional VPN.

How AstrillVPN's WireGuard simplified privacy and protection for iPhone and Android users

AstrillVPN has integrated the WireGuard protocol into its app. This has made it easier for iPhone and Android users to protect their online privacy and security. With AstrillVPN, users can download the app, create an account, and start using the VPN.

AstrillVPN features

How can WireGuard technology help maintain mobile privacy?
Astrill VPN

AstrillVPN offers a number of features to make privacy protection easier for users. These include:

  • Implemented the WireGuard protocol, which offers faster speeds and improved security compared to traditional VPN protocols.
  • Easy to set up, even for those who are new to VPNs. Simply download the app, create an account, and use the VPN.
  • Has servers in over 60 countries, allowing users to access content from all over the world.
  • Does not log any of its users' activity, ensuring their privacy is protected.
  • It can be used on multiple devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Installing WireGuard on iPhone

To install WireGuard on your iPhone, simply follow these steps:

1. Download and install the AstrillVPN app on your iPhone from the App Store.

2. Open the AstrillVPN app and sign in to your account using your credentials.

3. Tap on the Protocol and select UDP (WireGuard is denoted as UDP in the app).

4. Select the server of your choice and click “ON” to connect to the VPN server.

Installing WireGuard on Android

To install WireGuard on your Android device, simply follow these steps:

1. Download the AstrillVPN Android App from Google Play Store.

2. Open the AstrillVPN app and sign in to your account.

3. Click on the drop-down menu list just below the toggle button.

4. Choose the Wireguard Protocol from the list.

5. Connect to a server by tapping on the "OFF" button. Once you tap on it, it’ll switch to “ON.”

Pros and Cons of Using WireGuard VPN Protocol

WireGuard is a relatively new VPN protocol that has been gaining popularity due to its simplicity, security, and performance. Here are some of the pros and cons of using WireGuard:


  • Simple Design: WireGuard is designed with simplicity in mind and has fewer lines of code than other VPN protocols, making it easier to understand, audit, and maintain.
  • High Performance: WireGuard is optimized for performance and offers faster speeds than other VPN protocols, making it ideal for use cases where speed is a priority.
  • Strong Security: WireGuard uses modern cryptographic techniques to provide strong security for VPN connections.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: WireGuard is available for a wide range of platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, making it easy to use on a variety of devices.
  • Easy to Configure: WireGuard is relatively easy to configure, even for users with little technical knowledge.


  • Lack of Wide Adoption: WireGuard is still a relatively new VPN protocol and may not be supported by all VPN providers, so it may not be available as an option for everyone.
  • Limited Feature Set: WireGuard has a relatively limited feature set compared to other VPN protocols, which may not be suitable for some use cases.
  • Potential Security Vulnerabilities: As with any new technology, there may be security vulnerabilities that have not been discovered yet in WireGuard.
  • No Built-in Support for Obfuscation: WireGuard does not have built-in support for obfuscation techniques that can help users bypass VPN blocking, making it less suitable for use in countries with restrictive internet policies.
  • No Central Management: WireGuard needs a central management system, which may make it more difficult for organizations to manage VPN connections for a large number of users.
  • Overall, WireGuard has many attractive features and is a good choice for those who prioritize simplicity, performance, and security, but there may be better choices for some.

How does WireGuard work?

WireGuard works by establishing a virtual network interface on a device and using public key cryptography to secure the connection between two peers (i.e., the client and the server). The two peers exchange public keys and use them to encrypt the traffic that passes between them. The encryption is done using a shared secret derived from the public keys so that only the two peers with the matching private keys can decrypt the traffic.

WireGuard also uses a simple, efficient, and secure tunneling protocol to encapsulate the encrypted traffic and send it over the internet. The tunneling protocol uses a unique identifier for each peer, called a "tunnel endpoint," which routes the encrypted traffic to its intended destination.

Overall, WireGuard is designed to be easy to use, fast, and secure, with a small code base that is easy to review and audit for security vulnerabilities. This makes it a popular choice for personal VPN users and VPN providers looking for a more secure and efficient alternative to other VPN protocols.

What port does WireGuard use?

WireGuard operates on a single UDP port number, configurable but typically set to port 51820. This means that all traffic related to WireGuard is transmitted and received over this single port, making it easier to configure firewall rules to allow or block WireGuard traffic.

The protocol uses modern cryptography, including the Noise Protocol Framework, Curve25519, and ChaCha20Poly1305, to ensure the security of its VPN connections.`

Final words

Astrill VPN

Astrill VPN allows users to browse the internet smoothly and securely, thanks to their robust network of powerful servers. You can connect upto 5 devices in any personal plan you opt for using this VPN. Trusted by millions around the world, Astrill VPN has a vast number of servers across 113 cities in 57 countries.

Every VPN provider has their own strengths and approach to value provision. Astrill believes in providing convenience to its users, which is why they have the WireGuard protocol integrated into its app.

Users can enable the protocol with a single click without going through the process of setting up private keys, etc. This ease created by Astrill for its iPhone and Android users has promoted the concept of online security and privacy more than before.

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