Wireless keyboard with wings folds back for more comfortable use

It is meant to provide an easier way to type.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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The Grab Shell keyboard.

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Anyone who works an office job has at one point get tired of using a keyboard. Now, there is a more ergonomically friendly keyboard option: the Grab Shell.

"It all began when four keyboard enthusiasts came together, each named MR.M., and had a flash of inspiration that led to the creation of the Grab Shell keyboard. Matsu, a software engineer, was the spark that ignited the creation of this keyboard. To engineers, the PC is obviously a top priority, but besides that, the chair and keyboard are essential", the keyboard’s site shared.

The story goes on to describe how the engineer assigned a variety of shortcuts to maximize efficiency in his work and in his aesthetic.

He had one key goal: to be able to walk around while typing in order to efficiently collaborate with peers when looking at the same shared screen. Since he always wants to write code, he also carries his PC with him wherever he goes, whether it be on a sofa or a bed.

"It's a hassle to carry around, so let's make something!" he said at the regular company meeting in November of 2020 and from there the Grab Shell was born.

"The original concept was to enable typing while holding the keyboard and also while resting it on a surface. Interestingly, a joystick-shaped device with similar capabilities was invented 20 years ago, " the company's website further described an interesting first stab at what is now an extremely practical and malleable keyboard.

"A back-facing keyboard was introduced ten years ago, which was ideal for typing on mobile devices. However, the "HandHeldKeyboard," as it was called, was intended to be held constantly and its usability suffered when placed on a surface."

The team members reworked this first version of the device until they produced a liberating and exciting keyboard that can be used both while holding it and while resting it on a surface.

In January 2022, Apple tried to revolutionize the keyboard. It introduced a patent for a keyboard that would feature tiny screens on each key, bringing the components to life. The Grab Shell is even more exciting than that.

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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