With Seven Floors in 12 Days, China Builds Hotel in Record Time

Instead of on-site procedures, 80 percent of the construction was completed in a factory.
Fabienne Lang
The hotel that was built in 12 days.China State Construction/YouTube

China is well known for its speedy construction processes. From building a 1,000-bed, 25,000-square-meter hospital in nine days in light of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 to putting together livable spaces in just one day, the Asian nation is the place to be for fast construction.  

And it's not stopping anytime soon. Now, a seven-story hotel in the city of Zhuhai in China has been put together in just 12 days.

The construction company behind the project is China State Construction, which was exploring its maximal information coefficient (MIC) technology to see how quickly, and safely, it could erect a building. 

So how exactly do you put together a full-blown, functional hotel in less than two weeks?

You build most of it in a factory, that's how. But in a little more depth explaining its method, the construction company stated about 80 percent of the on-site procedures in the traditional construction process were actually moved to its automated intelligent factory. This way, construction accuracy and quality were improved, and on-site labor and danger were minimized. 

The parts of the model building were made in a standardized design, in the automated factory, with integrated decoration. 

And as can be seen in the YouTube video below, once on the construction site, the parts and components of the building were put together by workers who simply had to piece them together in a process that very much resembles the assembly of an Ikea wardrobe. 

But in a much more advanced method of construction than the beloved Swedish furniture company's system, China State Construction added digital management to its set-up. This way, the information of each component could be consulted at any point, and if any faults were found they could quickly and easily be traced back to their origin, and the fault could be fixed swiftly. 

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Not only is the entire system more efficient time- and quality-wise, but it also reduces material waste, construction waste, and energy consumption by 25 percent, 70 percent, and 55 percent respectively, said the company.

And when you take into account that most of the construction happens indoors at the factory, plus the actual on-site construction time being vastly reduced, noise pollution is also at a minimum. 

Finally, given the standardized construction method used here, and the disassembly methods of the building, the components can easily be used again. The company even states that the secondary utilization rate of the parts is as high as 90 percent.

So not only can you have a building, and in this case a hotel, built in record time, it appears that the entire system is a win on all fronts — if you're looking for a standardized look.

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