World’s first smart gun uses fingerprinting to protect against misuse

It is the world's first biometric handgun.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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The Biofire Smart Gun.

Biofire Technologies  

Biofire Technologies, a company based in Broomfield, Colorado, said on Thursday that it is launching the world's first biometric handgun, The Biofire Smart Gun. The gun has fingerprint unlocking which protects against misuse. 

“The 9mm Biofire Smart Gun locks the moment it leaves your hand and cannot be fired unless an authorized user picks it back up. Your Smart Gun only fires for the people you choose, so your firearm can never cause a tragic outcome in the hands of a child, criminal, or anyone else,” says the company’s site.

“For authorized users, the Biofire Smart Gun operates just like any other firearm. Biofire’s proprietary Guardian Biometric Engine uses integrated fingerprint and 3D facial recognition systems to verify your identity in any situation. Instantly unlock your firearm just by picking it up - no codes, buttons, or gadgets required.”

The company further notes that it engineered the Biofire Smart Gun so that users never have to choose between safe storage and instant access. It is possible to enroll multiple users and personalize the gun’s settings.

The company behind this new and improved firearm comes from a variety of backgrounds making their product that much more versatile.

“We’re a team of gun owners, engineers, and parents developing innovative new solutions to keep our loved ones safe. Before Biofire, we built satellites, medical devices, autonomous weapons systems, supersonic jets, and, of course, firearms. Everyday, we are fortunate enough to work on the technology we’ve always wanted in our own home defense firearms,” concludes their site.

The gun is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and uses encryption technology to ensure it can't be modified into a conventional handgun. It will cost $1,499 and can be preordered with a refundable $149 deposit.

Although gun use should still be avoided at all costs, it does make us feel a little safer to know that some guns can be locked to stop accidental misuse.

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