World's First Smart Mount for your Car

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Inspired by the desire to reduce distractions on the road, Bluejay is the world's first smart mount for your phone that will seamlessly integrate into every car. Featuring built-in Bluetooth Smart Beacon technology, the device does a lot more than simply hold your phone up while you're driving. The list of capabilities seems endless, but along with the Bluejay app, you can even use the mount to find your car if you forgot where you parked.

Driving and operating a phone at the same time leads to millions of accidents around the world each year. The Bluejay helps drivers stay connected through navigation, music, and other necessary functions all the while staying focused on driving down the road. It's not made of cheap plastic either, in fact the stylish design boasts carbon fiber and magnesium enriched high-grade aluminum.

Bluejay smart car smart mount[Image Source: Bluejay]

Available now through Kickstarter, the car mount comes with 3 different mounting options so you aren't limited to where you can store your phone in the car. On top of the versatile mounting capabilities, a revolutionary multi-axis system allows for adjustment until your phone is in the perfect position. Metal plates are used to magnetically attach your phone to the mount which allows for a hassle free process.

The smart mount comes in a variety of color and material options aside from the sleek carbon fiber mentioned above. Besides the aesthetics, the mount is incredibly useful when it comes to finding your car in case you've forgotten where you parked. Simply pull up the Bluejay app and the phone will display an arrow directing you back to where your car is, even if you don't have cell reception!

It already sounds like the Bluejay has an endless amount of features, but there's even more to come. In case you're in your car and misplaced your phone, simply double tap the device and your phone will begin ringing.

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For just US$79 you can get your hands on this versatile smart mount right now.

bluejay smartphone car smart mount kickstarter[Image Source: Bluejay]

Through the use of their easy-to-use app, Bluejay can do anything from changing the song or finding the nearest parking spot in "three taps or less." In order to enhance safety, if the phone detects that there has been a crash, the app will help you quickly reach assistance in an emergency. There are even more features to the smart mount for your car that you can check out here.

Bluejay will keep you safer on the road and help eliminate some of the hassle of mobile communication while in your car. The world's first smart mount is here and it has blown past it's projected goal on Kickstarter, go take a look!

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