World's First Universal Magnetic Charging Dock For Any Device

Trevor English

Ever since cell phones have existed, there has been the problem of broken charging cables, and cords that are just too short. There is now a solution that will allow you to ditch the cords, and charge your android or iOS device magnetically with ease. The Drop Dock is a charging device that allows you to place a small connector into your phone which will then give you the ability to simply drop your phone on the dock, and have it start charging. The best part is this device works with both iOS and Android, and you don't need to buy 2 different products! Check out the video below to learn a little more about it.

This charging device is incredibly simple, just insert the adapter and you are ready to go. Perhaps the biggest thing that the Drop Dock has going for it is its sturdy design and universal capabilities. The base is machined out of a solid aluminum block, which means that you can remove the device from the charger with ease.

Many magnetic chargers are only useful for either iOS or Android, but Drop Dock works on both with their small adapters, all with the same charging dock. This means that your iPhone and your friend's android device can charge through the same dock.

dropdock charging[Image Source: Drop Dock]

The Drop Dock is a sturdy solid universal charging dock, and it is priced competitively for such a quality piece of hardware. The campaign is live on Kickstarter right now, and you can get your hands on this charger for just US$49. When you consider you are getting a professional grade smartphone dock along with the innovative ability of universal magnetic charging, it's quite the deal.

chargin connectors[Image Source: Drop Dock]

Above, you can take a look at the connectors that will fit into each device. The Drop Dock team was able to make them smaller than the outline of many cases, and through tireless redesign, make them as minimal as possible. Don't worry, this adapter will work with or without a case due to the adjustable connector height on the base.

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If you want to buy more adapters for your devices, it is just US$3 per connector, meaning magnetically charging all of your devices is now possible for cheap.

different design[Image Source: Drop Dock]

Whether you want the industrial milled aluminum frame or one with a little more natural wood cues, Drop Dock has you covered. There really isn't much not to like about this universal smartphone dock, so be sure to go check out their campaign over on Kickstarter.

Get your hands on this universal charger here!

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