World's Largest K'Nex Machine Shown in Mesmerizing Video

In a video posted to YouTube, the world's largest K'nex ball machine is shown-off in action.
John Loeffler
The photo credit line may appear like thisAustron, via YouTube

A mesmerizing new video posted to YouTube this week shows off the Guinness World Record holder for the largest K’Nex ball machine, featuring a 6 1/2 feet wide ball funnel, several loops, pulleys, and over 1,000 feet of track.

World Record Holder for a Reason

The scope of this project is massive, featuring over 126,000 K'nex pieces in total. According to the video's description, posted by YouTube user Austron, the project contains 10 lifts, 14 motors, a 6 ft tall vertical loop, and a 100 ft long illuminated path. The machine also features a self-supporting bridge that is about 40 feet long.


The machine was built over a 2 year period by Brickmania Toyworks in Minneapolis, Minnesota between 2014 and 2016, and was taken down and disassembled in 2018. The pieces then went to The Works Museum in Bloomington, Minnesota, where the Austron says they are working to assemble an even bigger machine to set a new world record.

From what is available on their YouTube channel, their other work is rather impressive—“Clockwork” being my personal favorite—so if anyone looks capable of setting a new world record, they certainly do.

We wish them luck and look forward to seeing how it all develops!


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