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MBI-matchbook-2[Image Source:MBI Indiegogo]

Ever heard of tiny, matchbook-sized LED lights that are both waterproof and magnetic? Now you have with the MBI Matchbook. The motto of the company who makes these tiny flashlight is "...the lights that nobody else dares to make."

MatchBox Instruments recently developed the MBI Matchbook which contains 8 ultra miniature-sized LED lights, contained in a cool matchbook style holder. You can easily fit the packet of flashlights in your hand and can store them in your wallet or purse. The tiny flashlights are currently in an Indiegogo campaign that has been successfully funded, raising US$24,609, which is 244% of the original funding amount. The Indiegogo campaign contains all the technical and practical information about these tiny wonders of light. The information is not yet on the company's website, so go to the Indiegogo campaign if you want to get your own tiny flashlights or learn more in-depth details.

See the magnetized tiny flashlights in an action-packed fun video:

The fact that these tiny flashlights are magnetic and waterproof make them especially utilitarian and perfect for emergency situations. These diminutive flashlights can be submerged deep into the sea or used during rain or snow storms. You can even toss them onto the fridge and they will stick, as long as it's metal. The artistic possibilities are endless. The magnetic base makes them perfect for using in dark spaces, like repairing machine components, in factory settings or out in the field. How many times have you been crouched in an uncomfortable position, fixing a the back of a computer in a light-devoid zone? These flashlights solve those issues seamlessly.

Each flashlight lasts 8 hours, so an entire pack will give you 64 hours of light.

Here are the specifications:

The worlds smallest production flashlight
Waterproof and fully submersible
Convenient magnetic base makes them easy to stick around
The LED tint is available in a variety of colors (White, Red, Green)
So small you can keep several in your wallet for emergencies
So light, you can take a whole pack camping and have 64hrs of light
Runtime of each matchlight is approximately 8 hours

match[Image Source: MBI Indiegogo]

mcool[Image Source: MBI Indiegogo]

mcool2[Image Source: MBI Indiegogo]

Technical details about the flashlight's battery from the Indiegogo site:

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"The battery is a lithium tube type battery, 3mm in diameter and approximately 20mm long. There's a small 3mm x 3mm neodymium magnet adhered to the bottom of the battery, which is then coated with a plastic-rubber sheath coating for extra protection and to ensure the magnet stays firmly attached."

mmmm[Image Source: MBI Indiegogo]

The first question that entered my mind as I learned about these flashlights, "Are the batteries replaceable?"

The answer from the Indiegogo page:

"Short answer, no. (not yet... see below). This is something I am working on (and I think I have it figured out) but honestly it's going to take some custom molds and tooling along with some more prototyping iterations, and with a minimum funding target in the vicinity of $70,000+ to make it commercially viable. So with this first version (an MVP - minimum viable product), my goal is to establish your trust, deliver the product as promised, and gage the true demand. To do that well and on time, I have to start at step 1 (the MVP), reduce and eliminate every conceivable manufacturing risk and then, as with every product I've created to date, iterate and enhance (I'm always actively looking to improve)." -Guy from MBI

I didn't research exactly who "Guy" is, as I think he prefers to remain anonymous.
Here's Guy's production process:

mp[Image Source: MBI Indiegogo]

Guy from MBI sounds like an amazingly talented inventor, actually! Guy has been immensely fascinated with light since his childhood. He's been designing, building and selling exotic flashlights for the past 5 years. Guy has a deep desire to share his inventions with the world in a transparent manner, often revealing his problems and challenges publicly. After researching the incredible amount of work he put into this tiny flashlight invention, I am ready to sign up.

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