World's Smartest Electric Motorcycle Wins "Best in Innovation" Award at CES 2020

Damon Motorcycles took home the award for their innovative and impressive HyperSport motorcycle.
Fabienne Lang
Damon MotorcyclesDamon Motorcycles

The much anticipated HyperSport motorcycle by Damon Motorcycles was finally unveiled at CES 2020 in Las Vegas on Tuesday. And what a bike it is.

The all-electric superbike has already won the "Best in Innovation" prize at CES, going to show just how cutting-edge it is. 

It is being called the world's safest, smartest, and most powerful electric motorcycle. 


An e-motorcycle that shifts seating positions

Electric motorcycles have been gaining momentum on the market, enabling two-wheeled enthusiasts to enjoy greener riding options just like EV car drivers. 

Damon Motorcycles' HyperSport bike is one to behold. 

World's Smartest Electric Motorcycle Wins "Best in Innovation" Award at CES 2020
Damon's HyperSport won "Best in Innovation" at CES 2020, Source: Damon Motorcycles

Kitted out with the company's cutting edge CoPilot — their 360 degrees Advanced Warning System powered by BlackBerry QNX's latest technology — the bike sets a new standard in motorcycle safety. 

"We’re on a mission to unleash the full potential of personal mobility for the world’s commuters while reducing rider incidents on the road," said Jay Giraud, co-founder, and CEO, Damon Motorcycles.

Giraud continued, "To address this, we spent the last three years developing an AI-powered, fully connected, e-motorcycle platform that incorporates CoPilot, our proprietary 360º warning system. By building it on BlackBerry’s best-in-class technology that is safety certified, Damon motorcycles will be the safest, most advanced electric motorcycles on the market."

World's Smartest Electric Motorcycle Wins "Best in Innovation" Award at CES 2020
CoPilot on the Hypersport, Source: Damon Motorcycles

CoPilot warns the rider of any tracked danger through haptic feedback through the handlebars, integrated LEDs on the windshield, and a 1080p rearview rear-facing camera. 

In terms of electric maneuverability, Damon's HyperSport takes it to a new level. 

With over 200hp and 200nm of torque at zero rpm, a top speed of 200mph, and over 200 highway miles range per charge, this is the most powerful long-range motorcycle ever to hit our roads. 

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World's Smartest Electric Motorcycle Wins "Best in Innovation" Award at CES 2020
The bike's specifications, Source: Damon Motorcycles

Dom Kwong, co-founder and CTO of Damon Motorcycles said: "We prioritized data-driven thinking at the epicenter of the company, employing radical innovations in sensor fusion, robotics, and AI."

"This level of deep learning and connectivity are unprecedented, ensuring each rider a smarter, safer and connected ride; not only for individuals but for entire communities, with the goal to reduce incidents worldwide," finished Kwong.

Another exciting feature the HyperSport boasts is two adjustable seating options. With just the push of a button, the rider can shift from sport mode to commuter mode making it ideal for both highway riding and stop-start commuter movements.

Pre-orders for this exciting e-motorcycle have opened, and the pricing starts at $24,995.