Wuhan Coronavirus Hospital Ward Staffed Only by Robots

The robots operate 24 hours a day, and are meant to protect any further medics from contracting the virus.
Fabienne Lang
One of the medical assistant robotsCloudMinds

Rumors of a hospital ward in Wuhan, China, has opened and that operates fully thanks to robots are circulating on news outlets such as the Global Times. As Wuhan is the epicenter of the quickly spreading coronavirus outbreak, it is crucial that the spread of the virus is contained. 

The program that began on Saturday supposedly consists of 12 sets of 5G-enabled intelligent robots that operate 24/7 in the Wuchang field hospital. 


Helping out medical workers

The main cause of pushing this program forward is to help overworked medical workers in Wuhan. Moreover, as more than 3,000 medics across Hubei province, where Wuhan is located, have been infected with the coronavirus, this news may be welcomed with open arms in China. 

The six types of different robots were donated by CloudMinds to the hospital. CloudMinds operates out of Beijing and is a cloud intelligent robot operator. 

These 12 sets of robots can offer assistance in the form of security, inspection, disinfection, and delivery, according to CloudMinds. 

As per the New York Post, on March 7th approximately 200 patients with early signs of coronavirus were brought to this ward for quarantine. The point of the robots is to help out medics, and one such method is removing bedsheets, disposing of medical waste, and delivering food, among many other duties.

Using navigation technology, the bots are able to avoid obstacles automatically and interact with patients. 

They aren't merely being used for medical purposes, though. Ginger, one of the robots in the ward also leads to dancing routines — a way of keeping the patients' morale up. 

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Thanks to their 5G network, the robots can collect the statistics of the patients and send live updates to remote doctors. 

It all sounds like it could work nicely, even if it could be considered a little impersonal. Perhaps this is precisely what's needed during an international viral outbreak. 

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