WWDC 2019: Headlines from Apple's Annual Conference

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference is almost underway.
John Loeffler

Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2019 is almost underway here in San Jose, CA. Here's what to expect from Apple's biggest event of the year.

iOS 13 Update

The most widely expected announcement at WWDC this year is the introduction of several new features for iOS. Dark Mode, one of the most requested features for iOS, has been a feature of MacOS for a while now. Also expected are the new Sleep Mode that silences incoming notifications.

You can also expect several changes to various Apple apps such as Mail, Messages, Health, and more to coincide with the iOS update.

The update is also expected to introduce the ability to run multiple windows on an iPad using a tab view similar to the way browsers operate.

MacOS 10.15 Update

We know that the latest MacOS update, MacOS 10.15, will be introduced at WWDC 2019, though many of the details of the update have been kept under wraps so far. We expect Apple to detail the new unified app structure that Apple is planning so that apps that are developed on MacOS can be run on iOS devices as well.

The End of iTunes?

As has been widely reported, it is expected that Apple will announce the phaseout of their iTunes music services. Love it or hate it, iTunes has largely been responsible for Apple's resurgence from the near-dead a little over a decade ago, so if Apple is planning on discontinuing the service, there will likely be a commemoration of some sort. It is also possible that they could revamp the service as well rather than jettison it entirely.

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