WWDC 2019: Highlights from the Keynote Address

All the breaking news from the Opening Keynote Address of Apple's Wordwide Developer's Conference 2019.
John Loeffler

Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference 2019 has officially begun as the opening day keynote address gets underway. 

Apple TV

Tim Cook kicked off the WWDC Keynote address with a few new features to Apple TV. 

New features include multiuser support for Apple tvOS with personalized suggestions for each user. In the fall, when Apple Arcade launches, there will also be integrated support for XBox One and PS4 controllers.

Apple Music support has been expanded to include in-time, on-screen lyric syncing and Apple Screensavers are expanding to include new environments like Underwater environments.

Apple Watch

A few new major features are rolling out to Apple Watch.

The most important feature on the watch is the ability to access and install apps directly from the Apple App Store and the ability of App developers to create apps independent of Apple apps on the watch. The new streaming audio API will allow all kinds of new audio apps to be accessed directly from the Apple Watch face.

 iOS 13

Boy howdy, where to begin.

Let's start with Dark Mode, which everyone was expecting. Dark Mode is coming and it looks great, working in every Apple and third-party app.

While demoing Dark Mode, Apple also revealed the introduction of Quick Path, Apple's version of the Swype keyboard, which is a much needed feature.

Most Popular

Apple also introduced a bunch of new privacy features including the new "Log In with Apple" API that will act exactly like Log In with Facebook or Log In with Google, except that it's designed to limit the information that is being shared with apps that use it. More than just that, iOS 13 will allow you to limit data sharing to just a single instance, requiring apps to ask you every time it wants to access your information.

What's more, iOS 13 will allow you to see what information is being shared and you will also have the option of using a dummy e-mail address for use with different apps that can be deactivated at any time.

This story is developing.

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