You May Not Get a New Charger with Your iPhone This Year

The reasons may be environmental as well as cost-cutting.
Fabienne Lang

You're all excited as you remove your brand new iPhone out of its box, and as you hold the shiny new device in your hand you subconsciously remove the new charger that's also in the box, tossing it into your drawer as a spare. 

You've probably done this, as noone really needs a new charger every couple of years or so, when you upgrade to a newer iPhone version.

According to leaked information by the reputable Ming-Chi Kuo, new iPhones this year won't be coming equipped with either new wired earbuds or new chargers. You may just get a new charging cable.


Environmental reasons and cost saving

To be fair, everyone needs new charging cables when purchasing a new iPhone, as these are the parts that suffer the most throughout your smartphone's life. But the actual power adapter that fits into the wall socket, there's rarely any use for a new one each time you buy a new iPhone. 

According to Kuo, the new chargers will be more powerful at 20W, but you'd have to buy it yourself separately from the upcoming 2020 iPhones. 

As per Kuo, the reasons behind this decision may lie behind the environment. Critics have said that by adding power chargers with each new smartphone purchase just lands more waste in landfill as many people simply use the charging cable plugged into their laptop, or simply don't need a new charger

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Another potential reason for not including these accessories is to keep costs low and to offset the higher price that 5G technology would require. 

All in all, it's not such bad news if it does come to fruition, aside for anyone actually needing a new charger. That said, there's always going to be the option to buy one from the store when need be.

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