You Should Keep Your New Apple Card Away from Leather, Denim, and Any Sharp Objects

Apple claims that denim could permanently discolor the white titanium card.
Donovan Alexander

Remember that time as a kid when you waited for an entire year for Santa to deliver that one hyped-up toy on Christmas only to finally receive the toy and find out that it just does not work the way you imagined?

Maybe your newly acquired toy was not that fun or easy to use. Perhaps your new toy was hard to maintain or was not that compatible with some of your friend's other toys. In the end, your brand new toy left you frustrated and a little disappointed. 

This is how people currently feel about the brand new Apple Card due to its recent "compatibility issues." 

The Apple Card is not compatible with denim 

Back in March, during  Apple's Show Time event at the Steve Job Theater, the iPhone company announced that it would be releasing the Apple Card.

This simplistically Apple white titanium card promised to be a mobile-first credit card that is tightly integrated into the Wallet iPhone app offering customers exclusive cash-back benefits for Apple-related purchases. The announcement was meant with a mixed bag of feelings. 

The Apple Card is now officially available to US customers. Upon the release of the card, Apple customers were informed on how to clean the card, and this is where things got a little bit weird.

According to the instructions, the laser-etched titanium card should not come in contact with leather or denim. This is odd as this prevents the use of most wallets and jeans, not a viable place to keep your new card. 

Apple claims that denim could permanently discolor the white titanium card, making it impossible to wash off those blue smudges.

Even more so, the Apple Card should not touch other credit cards, loose change, keys, and any abrasive materials in general because of the potential of the card getting scratched.

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More reasonably, the card should not be kept around magnets as it can become demagnetized. 


This news seems to have confused people across the Internet as most people keep their credit cars in a leather wallet, filled with other cards, in their denim jean's pocket, with their keys!

What has been the response?

The Internet's judgment has been quick and relentless.

And, like with anything Apple-related, the Internet's response has been equally funny and entertaining.

How about this one?

However, it does beg the question: why create something so easily prone to damage for the everyday consumer? 

As for properly cleaning the card, it is recommended that you gently wipe the card with a soft slightly damp, lint-free microfiber cloth and to avoid any window or household cleaners, compressed air, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, or abrasives to clean your titanium Apple Card. 

Good luck.  Perhaps, Apple will be creating an Apple Card carrying case down the road. 

What do you think? Is the Internet blowing this out of proportion or are these viable points? 

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