Young Inventor Designs Solar-Powered Kiosk To Help Local Vendors

He got the idea after seeing a vendor struggling to work at night.
Derya Ozdemir

If you were to travel across Nigeria, you would probably find yourself appeasing your hunger and thirst through Mai Shayi and Indomie sellers that are common across the country. From making noodles to fixing up beverages, these fast food hubs are especially common in the Northern region of the country, and the sellers usually rely on small-sized generators to keep their running business running at night. 

Now thanks to a young inventor named Usman Dalhatu, CEO of Dalsman Tech, a futuristic-looking solar-powered kiosk, called iCart Solution, can help sellers continue their work without the need for generators. 

An all-in-one kiosk to solve all problems

Dalhatu defined his invention as "a movable car that is used for making fast food and snacks in the streets and campus" to Interesting Engineering. After seeing a seller working at night, Dahlatu started thinking about how he can help him do his work with ease. He came up with the kiosk to assist and support the vendors' businesses, and thanks to this invention, the sellers also don't litter their surroundings.

His design, custom made for the local Mai Shayi and Indomie vendors, has an inverter battery, cooking stove, portable desk, and a television to keep those waiting for food entertained. There are also various compartments for food storage.

Dalhatu explained that they use locally-sourced materials in Nigeria to build the kiosks, and it took them five days to produce one prototype.

iCart Solution also has a solar panel at the side which can be used to charge the television and the stove, making it run on renewable energy and eco-friendly. Moreover, it could potentially discourage petty traders from installing illegal attachments and structures in the Nigerian markets and along the roads.

This is not the young entrepreneur's first rodeo though. In 2020, he had an emergency ventilator idea which he transformed into a portable automatic ventilator.

He also designed a street sweeper that can keep up with those designed by renowned manufacturers.

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