Your favorite Star Trek captain Stewart has a new mission, end global trash crisis

Every year, the beverage and bottling industries produce 2 trillion containers, the vast majority of which end up polluting the environment.
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Sir Patrick Stewart, best known for his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation, has joined forces with Cana Technology to promote the company's efforts to decarbonize the beverage industry and reduce environmental waste.

Cana's goal is to change the way people produce and consume beverages, beginning with Cana One, a device that prints thousands of beverages using water that is readily available at home or at the office, according to a press release by the company published on Thursday.

"I look forward to partnering with Cana on their groundbreaking new initiatives, many of which remind me of advancements in technology that for some may have only been conceivable in the world of science fiction," said Stewart, who assumes Cana's new role of "Mission Ambassador effective immediately."

"It has been fascinating and encouraging to learn more from Cana about recent scientific breakthroughs that have made their vision for a sustainable future a reality, and I am delighted to join them in this endeavor."

Customers will be able to order this product, which eliminates the need for plastic, aluminum, or glass containers, later this year.

Every year, the beverage and bottling industries produce 2 trillion containers, the vast majority of which end up polluting the environment, including oceans and landfills, and releasing harmful microplastics.

Cana hopes to reduce waste by more than 90percent

Cana's Creator Studio enables users to easily, quickly, and affordably produce and distribute personalized beverages, similar to creating music in a digital studio.

Sir Patrick was ecstatic about Cana's groundbreaking initiatives, saying they reminded him of technological advances that were previously only imaginable in science fiction, claimed the company in the press release.

He is thrilled to be joining them on their mission and hopes to contribute to their efforts to build a more sustainable future.

Cana's Creator Studio eliminates the costly, time-consuming, and carbon-intensive procedures involved in traditional beverage formulation, manufacturing, and distribution, which can take years and millions of dollars, claims the firm.

The process also generates a large amount of waste, which Cana hopes to reduce by more than 90%, the firm stated in the press statement.

Cana One is a molecular printer prototype that dispenses thousands of beverage variations, including alcohol, flavor, sweetness, and caffeine, and ships customized carts containing a small percentage of ingredients that combine with water at the point of consumption to create a personalized beverage.

Customers can reserve their Cana One device today for $899 with a refundable deposit of $99. The product will be available in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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