YouTuber Builds an Electric Skateboard With Tank Tracks

This could possibly become an off-terrain skateboard.
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If you live in a big city, you should be seeing rideable electric vehicles fairly often by now, electric scooters, uniwheels, skateboards, bicycles, and whatnot.


What about a DIY electric skate? Sounds interesting yet? What if we told you it has tracks (yes, just like a tank) for wheels? With this crazy contraption, you can launch every tech bro and broette out there into a state of existential irrelevance. 

YouTuber Builds an Electric Skateboard With Tank Tracks
Source: Ivan Miranda/YouTube

Well, YouTuber Ivan Miranda, thought he wanted to be one step ahead of the scene and came up with a brilliant design to keep himself busy. The tracks of the contraption are made of 3D printed polylactic acid (PLA). 

Ivan looks forward to making a few more improvements to his custom vehicle. First of them would be making the tracks narrower, in the description, he says he's going to figure out ways to remove unnecessary length throughout the board. Then, side plates will see a readjustment to improve their response to the path metal bars make through them. The next step is field testing, so stay tuned.

The contraption utilizes brushless DC motors, examples of which you can find in other electric vehicles and drones. The battery is lithium polymer. The controls of the device is handled by an RC transceiver.

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This project was not the first time Ivan utilized tracks too, he actually 3D printed a tank previously. It was quite the odyssey actually. At some point people started questioning the "tankness" of his tank, objections arose as people were not comfortable seeing a tank track without suspension. Eventually, Ivan caved in and delivered that too.

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