Zap Mosquitoes with a Tiny Laser Tank

Shelby Rogers

Forget your old bug zappers and fly swatters. This mini-tank lets you wage war on pesky mosquitoes in epic fashion.

The Chinese device dubbed "the Laser Movable Mosquito Killer Robot" seems just as ludicrous as it sounds. Writer Max Rotor hilariously reviewed the product for Quill or Capture, a blog covering the things normally left out of the spotlight. Rotor gave a brief overview as to how the tracker works:

"Through an object recognition and tracking algorithm, the killer robot recognises a mosquito and ‘instantly’ lasers it. The company claims the laser is capable of killing an impressive ’30 to 40 mosquitoes in one second’, a fact I double-checked had not been mistranslated."


The improbably high success rate hasn't stopped people from inquiring about the device. Also, we'd love to know what natural phenomenon allows mosquitoes to perfectly line up to be blasted by a single laser beam with such efficiency?

Regardless, the company promotes the laser's target audience as countries and areas struggling with mosquito-borne diseases like malaria and the zika virus.

Rotor noted that the company took 2D LIDAR technology used in home cleaning robots (think the Roomba), put it on a small UGV and strapped a laser to the top. At the time of this writing, however, the only lasers listed on LeiShen Intelligent's website are four fiber lasers. The website's lidar tab comes up just as unfruitful.

It also appears as if the website is under construction. While searching for more information, this writer got denied access to buying the mosquito-killing device.