Zapata will give 25 people the chance to fly his JetRacer craft for the first time

Zapata flying the car also indicates the JetRacer can tackle far tighter and trickier aerial maneuvers than other category craft.
Loukia Papadopoulos
The JetRacer flies over ground or sea.jpg
The JetRacer flies over ground or sea.


  • The vehicle operates over ground or water.
  • It is a vertical take-off and landing aircraft.
  • No qualifications are required by pilots.

You may remember Franky Zapata from when he attempted to cross the English Channel in the air - on his homemade flyboard in 2019. Now, he is offering other people the opportunity to fly another one of his inventions: the JetRacer flying car.

The flyboard was the kind of Iron Man suit that Zapata previously demonstrated.

A micro jet-powered aerial vehicle

The vehicle was unveiled this month by Zapata and consisted of a micro jet-powered aerial vehicle that operates over water or ground surfaces. The company is now inviting all interested parties to enter a drawing that will select 100 finalists wanting to fly its JetRacer in a series of trials in the US.

In the end, only 25 finalists will be chosen to pilot the craft. We venture a guess that the winners will be chosen for their flight experience and aerial skills.

"JetRacer is a vertical take-off and landing aircraft, with no lifting surface, powered by ten micro-turbo-jet engines," according to Zapata's website. "Its main characteristics are maximum speed and high maneuverability, at the cost of a relatively short range."

"JetRacer is built on a light and modular chassis, allowing it to meet multiple needs, both civil and military, as well as being remotely controlled. All critical systems are architected to provide an extremely high level of redundancy and safety: propulsion, control, power supply, etc.," it further states.

The vehicle uses ten micro jet engines to reach altitudes of 3,000 meters at speeds of 250 km/h, making it much faster and more powerful than other personal eVTOL under development.

Video released of Zapata flying the car also indicates the JetRacer can tackle far tighter and trickier aerial maneuvers than other category craft.

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The aircraft is engineered to be able to continue flying even if two of its ten engines stop functioning.

An exciting craft to fly

Although an aerial vehicle is far from a flying Iron Man suit, it is still an exciting craft to fly. The 25 first fliers will get to experience something few people have ever felt before and will likely even make history.

Zapata’s website invites people to: “become the pioneers of the mobility of the future by participating in the flight test campaign in the United States.”

“Try your luck for this incredible human adventure! 100 people will be drawn to participate in the selection tests that will select the 25 participants for this unique experience. The future is now. Don't wait. SIGN UP,” the site further adds.

The qualifications for pilots are not specified; therefore, amateurs may be eligible for the tournament. Just picture your first flight being in one of these bad boys.

Will you join?