Zeiss VR One headset: VR powered by your phone for $99

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The Zeiss VR One is a headset similar to the Samsung Gear VR and it takes full advantage of the processing power and screen of your smartphone to offer a virtual reality experience that is self-contained and wireless. Where it differs from the Samsung offering is that the headset from the German company, Carl Zeiss, offers compatibility with many different types of phones, including the Apple iPhone 6.


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The VR One has been designed to work with phones of different sizes, from 4.7 inches up to 5.2 inches. This is unlike such as Project Morpheus from Sony and the Samsung Gear VR which relies on hardware that is specific, namely the PlayStation 4 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


[Image Source: Zeiss]

To use the headset with any device Zeiss offer different trays that have been designed to fit different models of phones. This is something that the company say offers the best image quality and display positioning. The VR One may be pre-ordered right now with trays for the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the iPhone 6. Compatibility with other handsets are coming in the future promise Zeiss and they have been asking people which handsets they would like to see be supported by the VR system.


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The headset uses Unity 3D SDK and this has compatibility for iOS and Android. This means that developers can get on-board to create apps that will work with the headset.


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When connected to a phone, the phone provides audio, processing power and the display for the VR headset. It comes with Zeiss precision lenses that offer a field of view around 100%. The headset comes with a dark transparent shield that has been specifically designed to hide the phone, along with stopping light, while at the same time still allowing the camera to work.

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Along with the VR headset the company is offering the VR One Media App and this allows the user to see the videos and images that have been saved onto the phone along with 3D and 2D clips from YouTube. All the user has to do to move through the content is tap left or right on the headset. The headset will also integrate with Street view on Google Maps and this means that the user is able to view 360 degree panoramas. If they want to walk forward they just have to tap the front of the headset.


[Image Source: Zeiss]

The VR One does have compatibility along with being affordable, but for the time being we will have to wait and see if the tech gets enough support from developers for it to be rated among the big boys in the world of virtual technology. This would also depend on how developers can cope with being able to cater for its wide compatibility of phones.

You can pre-order the VR One from Zeiss for US$99; shipping should begin before the year is out.

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