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You love to make robots, but there are so many robotics kits on the market that are expensive and complicated. That is why folks at ZeroUI have created Ziro. It is a maker-friendly and fun robotics kit that can be used to make any sort of robots with any sort of material. You have cardboard boxes lying around - repurpose them to make your personal humanoid robot; or just snap together some wheels to make a vehicular robot. You can even use your 3D printed parts to bring creations to life. The possibilities are limitless. But here is the best part, you control your robots using your hand gestures!


Ziro consists of wireless modules, a smart glove and a mobile app. You make your robots by snapping together the modules with cardboard cut-outs, 3D printed parts etc. Use the mobile app to quickly map the actions from the glove to the robot. You can then control the robot using your hand gestures. Young kids, adults, makers, moms anybody can use Ziro to bring there creations to life.

humanoid[Image Source: Ziro]

The glove understands seven hand gestures like bending of the fingers or orientation of the wrist. Similarly in the modules, they can rotate as like a wheel or in 90/180 degree wing modes. All these configurations can be clockwise and anti-clockwise. One can create any movement and associate any sort of the gestures to create a uniques robot every time.

robot demonstration[Image Source: Ziro]

Ziro first started out as a research prototype at Purdue University in the Fall of 2013. After conducting various usability research and design iterations, ZeroUI has recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign where they are currently accepting pre-orders. Ziro has great attention to color of the product, the design of the modules and the feel of the glove.

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ZeroUI has showcased this technology at Maker Faire New York 2015 and CES 2016 where they were nominated as the “Best of CES 2016” by Endgaget. They will also have a booth at the Maker Fair Bay Area this summer.

internal ziro robot[Image Source: Ziro]

You can pre-order the kit at their IndieGoGo campaign.

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