Methods Process Analyst - Level 1

  • Salary
  • Contract Type
  • Location
    Seattle, WA, United States
  • Hours
    40+ per week

Required Skills & Experience:

•Prefer previous Methods Process Analyst experience.

• Meticulous attention to detail Achieves thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing tasks through concern for all areas involved.

• Able to work cross-functionally to develop integrated plans and schedules, and ability to coordinate with all levels of management.

• While the base location for this group is at North Boeing Field in Seattle, this position may include being based in other Puget Sound locations such as Everett or Renton for extended durations, and one needs to be able to travel between these locations as needed.

• Preferred candidates will be able to interact with employees to gather data for process improvements, or to understand statement of work requirements.

• This may include observing and documenting processes, and collecting data, in manufacturing areas or in aircraft during various production or test phases.

• This requires the ability to walk, stand, and enter into aircraft via steps or ladders as needed.