Market Intelligence Engineer

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    Berlin, Germany
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Choco is looking for a technical & highly curious person, with a good grasp of the gastronomy scene in Germany and/or Spain, to join the MI team to build excellent data systems and market research capabilities.


  • Remove uncertainty: Decision making without good information is prone to error. A Market Intelligence Engineer will minimize the uncertainty for Choco as a company by creating deep insight into their markets and the customers they wish to attract - no matter if restaurants in Miami, suppliers in Lyon, or breweries in Munich.

  • Embracing depth: Every action has to scale - but in market intelligence, scale also has to come with an increased understanding of the individual actors. From how many restaurants are in Rome to the chef's favorite dish - your systems will generate the answer.

  • Refine your technical expertise: You will perform complex technical solutions that the entire company will rely on. You are guaranteed to learn a great deal about systems thinking, data engineering, and process optimization.

  • Creatively generate new solutions for data problems: There is no real blueprint for the moves that are made here. To find answers to the difficult questions Choco faces, you will innovate and push the flexibility of your technical imagination.


  • Technical prowess. You are proficient in Python in a wide range of applications. You have engineered data systems at scale, plugging in to different sources and utilizing an array of automations. You anjoy building scripts that run efficiently for hours as much as breaking down websites to find the most scalable approach to acquiring information.

  • A desire to develop research expertise of national food ecosystems. Ideally, you arrive at Choco with a solid grasp of the gastronomy industry in Germany and/or Spain, along with the language skills to conduct rigorous research into local scenes.

  • An overwhelming curiosity. You enjoy building data processes AND you are keen to understand how those around you participate in food ecosystems. You are probably then a curious person, that's good. However, to truly excel in this role, you should be unfamiliar with the frontier of your own curiosity and derive your motivation from figuring out how things have been done and then experimenting until such things work as they should. This attitude is the difference between excellence and merely good enough. You will be expected to embody it, day-in, day-out.

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