Postdoctoral Research Fellows 2018-2020

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    Johannesburg, South Africa
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Should you take up a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Wits you could expect to:

- Develop research independence under the guidance of an academic mentor (or host);

- Produce research outputs and so strengthen your CV;

- Assist with some postgraduate student supervision.

On the other hand, the University has specific expectations of its Postdoctoral Fellows. Although these expectations will vary from place to place in the University, the common ones include:

An average peer-reviewed research output[1] of at least two publications per annum during your stay. It is understood that most of the publications will not arise in year one. This implies that year two of your Fellowship should see four or more publications.

Furthermore, these outputs should be published internationally. Ideally, the research should be published in journals that are found in the ISI index of journals. If there is a particular reason why it is more appropriate to publish the work in local journals, then they should be ‘accredited journals’. Please visit the following website to read more about ‘accredited journals’ and the government subsidy they earn for the university:

A contribution to the research ethos of the School or Institute in which you are based. This contribution should come in the form of willing participation in staff meetings, debates about research, research seminars (especially those involving postgraduate students), etc. It is important that you contribute to the academic programme by putting forward your ideas and thinking.

A contribution to the operation of a research laboratory (where appropriate). This contribution may involve calibrating instruments, advising postgraduate students on operating conditions, giving instrument training, commissioning preventative maintenance, etc.

On occasions going beyond the normal expectations of a Postdoctoral Fellow (within reason) to make a contribution towards the University and its goal to become an internationally acclaimed research-intensive university.

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