Data Scientist

  • Salary
  • Contract Type
    Full Time
  • Location
    Wilmington, DE, United States
  • Hours

Entech is looking for a curious Data Scientist, who is willing to make the most of game-changing technologies and bring solutions to great challenges. 


  • Working with stakeholders to identify the business requirements and the expected outcome
  • Pinpointing and choosing relevant and credible data sources, and provide technical instructions to data analysts to collect, integrate and mine data
  • Identifying and analyzing patterns: designing experiments, testing hypotheses, and building models
  • Executing advanced data analysis and complex algorithm to help stakeholders to discover and quantify leading information
  • Solving stakeholders’ problems through analytics, communicating results and methodologies through an iterative collaboration process
  • Collaborating with stakeholders to ensure the expected qualification and assurance of the information
  • Designing and leading implementation of analytics pipelines and visualization by collaborating with other data/informatics teams
  • Scouting, testing and recommending new analytics algorithms and models to the data analytics
  • Training the organization on new analytical approaches to drive the acceleration of business decisions
  • Working with other data scientists to develop the strategy of the data analytics competency and prioritizing development needs


  • PhD degree or Master's degree with more than 2-year of data analytics experience in natural science or statistics with a strong computing background.
  • Expertise in Machine Learning and Deep Learning, e.g. classification, regression, clustering, feature engineering, neural networks
  • Expertise in Statistics, e.g. time series, regression models, principal component analysis, multi-variance analysis
  • Expertise in Text Data Analysis: semantic analysis, natural language processing, taxonomy
  • Experience using deep learning and machine learning on manufacturing processing and/or IoT event detection will be preferred
  • Proficiency in data architect and data modeling using relational databases or graph databases
  • Expertise in data analytics software and tools: Python, R, Hadoop, Spark, JSON

Bonus Qualifications:

  • AngularJS, NodeJS, web service and visualization tools (e.g., PowerBI, Tableau, Spotfire)
  • Familiar with Cloud DevOps and software engineering methodology.
  • Strong business acumen with the ability to translate business problems to data analytics requirement and design data models and analytics pipelines to resolve the problems
  • Excellent communication and customer-facing skills with the ability to explain technical approaches and rationale of findings in easy to understand terms for the business

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