Digital Content Production Intern - Paid Internship

  • Salary
    10-20k TL/year
  • Contract Type
  • Location
    Istanbul, Turkey
  • Hours
    3-4 days/week

Interesting Engineering is a leading community with over 9 million science, technology and engineering enthusiasts. We are looking for a content production intern to join our team based in Maslak, Istanbul.

The intern will work with the Video Editor/Content Manager to assist in content creation.

The paid position is open to final year students with a background in video editing, content creation, new media.

The requirements for the position include:

- Working from the office 3 days of the week
- Excellent English language skills
- Studying in a related field (Journalism, Radio-TV-Cinema, Visual Communication etc.)
- Having good working knowledge of related programs including Adobe Premiere and After Effects.
- Experience in teamwork

Some of the responsibilities of the position will include:
- Working on creative content ideas to be shared on our social media channels.
- Editing videos using the specific IE template.
- Assisting with the emailing process for getting permission to use video clips and visual content.