Lada Unveils Bold New 4x4 Concept Vehicle

Lada showed off its ambitions for the future with a smooth 4x4 concept car that gives the popular Lada Niva a run for its money.

Lada Unveils Bold New 4x4 Concept Vehicle

Russian car company Lada has unveiled a new 4x4 concept vehicle at the Moscow International Auto Show this week. The Lada 4x4 Vision manages to combine modern looking technology with a retro boxy shape to produce a distinct looking car many believe could be the successor to the popular Niva.

Lada exterior
Source: Lada

Lada presented a range of new cars at the motor show, but it was the Vision that really captured the crowd's attention. “We are preparing LADA’s future. Showing 4x4 Vision we demonstrate the potential of a unique, expressive, bold and energetic design embodied in a new SUV drawing the inspiration from the legendary LADA 4x4”, said Design Director of Lada Steve Mattin. 

Lada interior wheel
Source: Lada

4x4 combines urban looks with militaresque features

The Vision possesses an energetic shape that looks both very military-like while maintaining strong lines that wouldn’t look out of place on the streets of a European city. The car has an impressive t-shaped sunroof and a tough looking interior with heavily textured fabrics and bold color highlights. 

Lada sunroof
Source: Lada

The famous Lada Niva was the first mass-produced off-road vehicle to feature a unibody architecture and independent front suspension with coil springs. These design features can now be found in almost all contemporary crossover SUVs. 

Lada top view
Source: Lada

Lada shakes off retro image

The car was popular in the USSR and other Eastern European states. It gained a special reputation in the UK, US, and Australia for being an affordable 4x4 that was easy to fix but often highly unreliable. 

Lada design interior
Source: Lada

Lada has held more than 20% of the car market's shares in Russia in recent years and with the release of the Vision amongst other concept vehicles, the carmaker seems determined to step into the future. Executive VP for sales and marketing of Lada Jan Ptacek spoke in Moscow outlining the company’s future. 

Lada front view
Source: Lada

Lada Vision embodies company's big ambitions

“Today LADA is a bold and bright design, confidence in all situations, the best quality, and equipment at an affordable price. Our customers appreciated the changes occurred over the last 3 years – today LADA holds a record over the last 7 years market share of 20%”, he said.

Lada seats
Source: Lada


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While the Vision currently remains just a concept, the bold design moves from Lada may make their way into production models in the future. 


President of PJSC AVTOVAZ, Lada's factory plants located in Togliatti and Izhevsk, Russia, Yves Caracatzanis revealed in his speech at the motor show that the firm's new products aim to fortify Lada's market position and production capabilities by also optimizing their AVTOVAZ plant processes. 

“We will continue to develop our production sites, adapt and integrate the best international technologies and processes, and develop social policy. We will do everything AVTOVAZ to be on a par with the best factories of the Alliance around the world," said the executive.

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