Learn CAD and the Essentials of 3D Printing with This Bundle

This extensive CAD and 3D Printing eBook bundle will show you how to work with some of the most advanced and important engineering programs and platforms in the world.

Maker Media has created an international coalition of creative engineers and visionaries who pride themselves on innovations that make the world better. This organization of tinkerers, educators, and engineering professionals embodies a global mission to improve society through creative pursuits, and the renowned Maker Faire is less than a month away.

In honor of this amazing event, Maker Media has put together this CAD & 3D Printing eBook bundle that will show you how to work with some of the most advanced and important engineering programs and platforms in the world, and right now the entire bundle is available for over 85% off at just $19.99.

With twelve individual modules led by some of the industry's most respected professionals, this bundle is equally suited for design novices and established pros looking to add some new design skills to their toolkit.

You’ll have unlimited access to eBooks like the Ultimate Guide To Desktop Fabrication, in which you learn how to add graphics to your prints using hydrographic film; 3D Printing, which introduces you to the latest developments in the increasingly popular realm of 3D printing; The Maker's Manual, which shows you how to implement prototyping techniques and a variety of programming elements into your 3D projects; and much more.

There are also eBooks that cover CNC routing, 3D carving, the 3D modeling staple known as 360, and more.

Although some of the topics covered in the bundle may seem a bit daunting at first, your instruction utilizes easy-to-understand language and real-world examples to ensure that you’re able to keep up and track your progress. 

Join the Maker Media revolution and celebrate the upcoming Makers Faire by picking up the CAD & 3D Printing eBook Bundle By Maker Media for just $19.99—over 85% off its usual price for a limited time.

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