Learn How to Build a Computer from Scratch with This Training Kit

Upgrade your current machine or build yourself a new one.

We rely on our computers to carry out an astounding number of tasks every day. It’s therefore understandable that whenever we experience a hardware glitch or malfunction, we run to the nearest repair shop to get the problem taken care of as quickly as possible. This process is both tedious and time-consuming and can cost hundreds—or even thousands—of dollars per visit.

Think of all the time and money you could save if you knew how to fix your PC on your own? By the time you’re done with the How to Build a Computer Bundle, you will. That’s because this bundle of courses teaches you how to build a PC completely from scratch for just $19. 

We know it sounds a bit daunting, but building a computer is completely possible with the right tools and know-how. Through five courses and 125 individual lessons, this bundle will walk you through everything from the absolute basics and big-picture elements of building a PC to the more advanced topics that transform your machine from a barebones number-cruncher into a full-fledged problem solver.

You’ll start by learning about all the essential hardware components that practically every computer relies on. Learning how to pick the appropriate hardware for your specific project and implement the most effective wiring techniques, you’ll quickly learn a sweeping set of skills that can be applied to the hardware of practically any computer.

With the basics covered, you’ll move confidently on to more advanced subjects, like closed-loop liquid cooling procedures, RAID setups, and multi-GPU technology. Finally, you’ll round out your education by diving into networking and ethernet essentials, RAM and CPU optimization, and more.

Stop wasting precious time and money every time your computer needs fixing. The How to Build a Computer Bundle will turn you into a PC-building virtuoso in just five courses, and it’s on sale for over 90% off at just $19.

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