Leonardo Da Vinci's prototypes that predicted the future

Leonardo Da Vinci's prototypes that predicted the future

Leonardo di ser Piero Da Vinci was an Italian artist and scientist who lived during the Renaissance era, between April 15th 1452 and the second of May, 1519. His works include wide range of topics, such as painting, sculpturing, mathemathics, engineering, architecture, music, antomy, geology, geography and botany. Now we're going to take a closer view over his engineering inventions, which were far ahead of their time.

1. Spring powered car: This invention is at the first place, because it gathers characteristics of a few later and present machines. This is the first made working car, also the spring mechanism is used later to power watches, and some people consider it as the first mechanical computer due to the fact that its movement direction is programmable.

davinci_car[Image Source : Leonardo Da Vinci Biography]

2. Knight Robot: Leonardo used his studies and knowledge about human anatomy and believed that the human movements could be performed by machine. Lead by his faith, he built a robot covered by knight armour. This robot was able to walk, stand, sit, raise his arms and open and close his mouth, and also to move his head side to side. Unfortunately, this robot was lost or destroyed.

leonardo-da-vinci-robot-knight-interior[ Image Source : Leonardo Da Vinci Biography ]

leonardo-da-vinci-robot-knight [ Image Source : Leonardo Da Vinci Biography ]

3. Tank: This vehicle was powered by the hands of four men and supported several canons.  To defend his work rom spies and potential enemies, he placed the gears in reverse order, which made the tank unusable.

leonardo-da-vincis-tank-invention1[ Image Source : Leonardo Da Vinci Biography ]

4. Parachute: This design was testen on June 25th, 2000.  Tests was succesful and the tester stated that flight was smoother than ordinary parachutes, neglecting the fact that Da Vinci's Parachute had no hole in the top for ballance.

Leonardo Da Vinci's prototypes that predicted the future[Image Source : Daily Galaxy]

5. Helicopter: It was supposed to take off using spiral propeller, powered by movement of four men. It was never able to fly, but the same principle in the present helicopters.

Leonardo_da_Vinci_helicopter[Image Source : Leonardo Da Vinci Biography]

6. Glider: This invention was closest to success in flying. The original design had no tailplane, but group of enthusiasts added a tailplane in their attempt for re-creation as they believed Leonardo didn't added tailplane intentionally. Tests happened on November 18th,  2002, and they were successful as the longest flight continued 18 seconds.

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Leonardo-da-vinci-glider[Image Source : Leonardo Da Vinci Biography]

7.Machine gun: It consists of three tiers with 11 barrels in each. While the first tier is fired the second could be loaded and the third is cooled down at the same time.

gun_l[Image Source : Leonardo Da Vinci Biography]


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