10 Most Useless Gadgets of 2017

What would you do to bring an innovative product to the market in today's scenario? Simple, "Smartify" them even if there's no need. The list of 10 most useless gadgets of 2017 will make you realize that technology isn't always the solution to everything.
Kashyap Vyas
It's a universal remote control embedded into a pillow. Because why not...?Amazon

Every year, we all witness a plethora of gadgets that promise to make our lives easier. Almost every product manufacturer today bombards us with the so-called "smart and innovative" products.

However, many of them are completely useless, making no sense at all. But, these do stand a chance to be seen by the world, to realize that technology isn’t the solution to everything!

Here’s a list of 10 most useless gadgets that the world witnessed this year:

1. Withings Hair Coach (Bluetooth brush)

10 Most Useless Gadgets of 2017
Source: L'Oreal

Apparently, the company claims that the world’s first “Smart Hairbrush” provides its users with data about their health of the hairs, brushing quality and recommendations on how to comb them better. It comes with multiple sensors, transducers, and microphones that calculates brushing patterns, strokes and applied pressure.

If combing your hair is something that you never did it right, you can buy this useless gadget at a cost of $200. What is surprising though is that this unwanted piece of technology is the collaboration between Withings and two leading cosmetic companies, Kérastase and L’Oreàl. In addition, if you still feel the need to spend more, the smart brush will recommend you L’Oreàl products on your smartphone.

2. Hushme Voice Mask

10 Most Useless Gadgets of 2017
Source: Kickstarter

There’s a gadget now that will let you talk on the phone without disturbing others or maybe even protect your speech privacy. The Hushme Voice Mask wraps around your mouth and muffles the sound of your voice with the help of insulation. It also comes with a preset sound option, which if enabled will play only preset sounds that people nearby you will hear.

And these preset include sounds of monkey, squirrel, minion and more that’ll only make you look even more stupid and annoying to people nearby. Also, we can't help but think of Bane's iconic look whenever we see this. 

3. Laundroid

If you really don’t want to waste your time folding laundry, you can certainly throw them in the Laundroid. This massive, robot-controlled, wardrobe styled machine will fold it for you. There’s a built-in AI and image recognition technology that apparently enables this creepy machine to identify the difference between pants, shirts, t-shirts and even your underwear.

The robotic arm inside the machine then picks up the piece of cloth and spends the next 5 minutes folding it. If folding laundry is something that takes away your precious time, this fridge-like tower can surely help you, only if you can afford it. With a staggering price-tag of $16,000, the only con is that it can take only 30-40 items in one go.

4. Jagger & Lewis Smart Collar

10 Most Useless Gadgets of 2017
Source: Jagger & Lewis

It’s completely unfair if we humans are the only ones allowed to enjoy the perks of technology. The new and weird world of pet tech is already seeing a great potential to influence the lives of our animal companions. The Jagger & Lewis Smart Collar for dogs is one such attempt. This “smart collar” will monitor the behavior of your pet and will notify you through the app about abnormal behaviors.

While it may sound theoretically useful -- as when you leave your furry friend alone at home for work or a vacation trip -- it certainly removes us from the equation. Don’t we all pet owners know how to keep them happy? Would you really need an app to tell you that your pet is feeling anxious and the recommended action is to play with it?

5. Remote Control Cushion

Another piece of annoying technology that tops the list of useless gadgets is a remote control cushion that replaces your often misplaced TV remote control. This remarkably ugly pillow might not cost you more, but is surely the new level of lazy. AT a cost of $50, this remote control cushion is compatible with more than 500 devices.

When not using it as a remote, you can hug this pillow and may even rest your head, only to listen to the rhyming clicks. Don’t get shocked, if your TV turns ON at midnight while you are trying to sleep comfortably.

6. USB Mouse with Digital Scale

10 Most Useless Gadgets of 2017
Source: Treslin/Amazon

Imagine yourself in a situation where you are solving a critical technical problem on your computer and you are in need of weighing something. You don’t have to look for a weighing scale, there’s one integrated right beneath your mouse body!

This USB mouse comes with a built-in scale and a digital readout. But, the scale won’t be able to measure the weight of your luggage that you may be taking along in a flight that you booked on your computer. However, the manufacturer says that this device does have a practical use. It can entertain a computer user and reduce work stress! So, now you know how useful technologies like these can be.

7. Denso Vacuum Shoes

10 Most Useless Gadgets of 2017
Source: cnet

What could be a better way to foster creativity and innovation amongst the employees then asking them to come up with random design concepts that make no sense? Denso, an auto part manufacturer did the same, and the result was a giant looking shoes that can suck dirt from the floor when walking with it.

With each step, the vacuum motor collects the debris which gets motive power from a pedal and gear arrangement. The concept even won the first prize in the competition! Wonder how others entries would have looked like.

8. Bluetooth Toaster

10 Most Useless Gadgets of 2017
Source: Cuisinart/Amazon

Griffin Technology’s Connected Toaster is another great example of how technology can ruin some of the very useful products. The toaster works on Bluetooth technology and according to the company, it is "a full-featured digital toaster that helps users toast smarter."


The company also notes that "this Bluetooth-enabled smart toaster is controlled by a companion smartphone app to offer personalized settings for the perfect slice, every time." It will also remember the settings that you prefer. Isn’t that something that our normal toaster is capable of doing?

9. The Smalt Salt Dispenser

When was the last time you gave a thought on putting the right amount of salt in your dish? If you’re really worried that you may sprinkle too much of salt or you don’t know the right amount, there’s a “smart” gadget that can help you!

The Smalt Salt Dispenser claims to be the World’s first “Interactive Centerpiece” and “Smart Salt Dispenser”, which will advise you the right amount of salt through a mobile phone App. If this doesn’t convince you, the device also comes with Bluetooth speakers and multi-colored lightings that will set the mood for you.

10. The Smart Water Bottle

10 Most Useless Gadgets of 2017
Source: ICEWATER/Amazon

There’s a growing trend in making our water bottles smart and surprisingly there’s even a potential market for it, which is expected to grow by 15 percent over the next few years. But do we really need them? Do we really want the bottle to remind us that we’re thirsty? Our body does that already and it is not that difficult to understand how much water our body will need to keep it hydrated. It is indeed another classic example of gadgets with no practical use.

What other gadgets do you think should go with this list? Leave suggestions of the most outlandish gadgets in recent history in the comments below!

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