11 absurd things that have happened because of the coronavirus

Here are some of the strangest stuff we've seen about events during the coronavirus outbreak on the net. Some are very odd indeed.
Christopher McFadden
  • Many things in our daily lives changed during the coronavirus outbreak a few years ago.
  • But, like many things in life, the internet made things even worse.
  • Here are some prime examples.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a very odd time for many people. In some cases, the coronavirus appears to be driving some people insane during that time. While the virus had to be taken seriously, some of these stories are simply absurd

What weird things have people said about the coronavirus?

And so, without further ado, here are some weirdest stories that we have found about the coronavirus. Sadly, this list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. This Iranian cleric reckons that applying essential oils to your anus will "cure the coronavirus"

Ayatollah Tabrizian has made a few bold claims during the pandemic, including, by his estimation, that Western medicine is "un-Islamic." But, by far, his grandest claim is that violet leaf essential oils applied to the anus will "cure" you of the coronavirus.

Why the anus? Ayatollah Tabrizian has, in the past, written extensively on essential oils. He appears enamored with it and claims it has miraculous, life-enhancing properties. He also believes it can increase brain mass and reverse cognitive diseases s Down's Syndrome.

"He cites a tradition attributed to a 12th-century Persian scholar, who described the remedy as an effective treatment for rhinitis, or throat mucus if it was 'the will of God.'" - alarby.co.uk

2. This brothel appears to have been a "hotbed" for the spread of coronavirus

11 absurd things that have happened because of the coronavirus
Seems legit.

During the height of the pandemic, it was reported that 86 clients from a brothel in Valencia, Spain had been put under quarantine after one prostitute tested positive for the coronavirus. According to police reports, the lady of the night had slept with several of the guests on the same evening, inadvertently spreading the virus. 

With club owners, security and cleaning staff, waiters, other girls, and clients, the total under quarantine tops out at about 119 people. This was bad enough, but authorities were also worried that the partners, some of the quarantined men, maybe visit the brothel to get some answers. 

It should be noted that this story has since been reported as fake news.

3. This guy was ordered to self-quarantine but went to an event instead

11 absurd things that have happened because of the coronavirus
Close but no cigar.

One of the best ways to stop the spread of any pathogen is to isolate existing sufferers from other people. And that is exactly what medical staff in New Hampshire attempted to do with their first confirmed coronavirus case.

But, apparently oblivious to the contagion risks, they decided to go to an event across the state border in Vermont. 

"State health officials said that the first coronavirus patient "attended an invitation-only private event on Friday" despite being told to stay isolated. That person has now been ordered to remain isolated, and all others who came into "close contact" with them at the event were asked to stay isolated for 14 days." - NECN

4. People have actually started selling coronavirus-themed arts and crafts on Etsy

What's the first thing you would think of doing during a potential killer virus pandemic? Stock up on supplies? Cancel that trip to China?

How about breaking out your arts and crafts gear to make coronavirus-themed plushies, embroidery, or jewelry? Completely normal behavior.

But a more poignant question would be to ask, "Who is buying them?" 

5. This Indian legislator believes cow urine is an ideal solution to the spread of coronavirus

Swami Chakrapani Maharaj, president of Hindu Mahasabha in India, had an interesting suggestion for slowing the spread of the coronavirus. He believed the liberal use of cow urine should be the perfect disinfectant for COVID-19.

While using cow urine in this way will probably not harm, apart from the smell, it unlikely will prove effective. Especially since urine is not, in most cases, sterile, it does contain some bacteria.

6. Indian politicians seem full of ideas; could yoga be the solution?

Yet another Indian politician, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Adityanath, had another interesting solution to help fight the coronavirus. According to them, the coronavirus can be avoided if someone overcomes mental stress.

"If a person overcomes mental illness, then he/she will not suffer from blood pressure, heart attack, kidney failure, liver dysfunction, or even coronavirus. He will be able to keep himself fit and healthy,” the minister said at a yoga event in Uttarakhand.

7. Yet another guy in India with a potential coronavirus cure: cow poop

11 absurd things that have happened because of the coronavirus
Would you eat cow dung?

Swami Chakrapani Maharaj, president of Hindu Mahasabha in India, believed that consuming cow dung (and urine) can treat the disease. He has also claimed that anyone who chants "Om Namah Shivay," a Hindu mantra, while applying cow dung to their body will also be saved.

Novel viruses require novel solutions, after all. We apologize to any Indian readers; we are not intentionally picking on your wonderful, ancient, and noble country. There appears to be a high concentration of strange coronavirus suggestions from there. 

8. Chinese shoppers are hunting pharmacies for something called "Shuanghuanglian"

11 absurd things that have happened because of the coronavirus
Alternative medicine saw a boost in China.

After an influential Chinese state media outlet, Xinhua reported that something called "Shuanghuanglian" can "inhibit" the virus, many pharmacies were soon under siege by consumers. This, according to hindawi.com, is an intravenous preparation of honeysuckle, Scutellaria baicalensis, and Fructus forsythiae

According to their report, the Chineses Academy of Sciences had recently discovered the health benefits of this concoction.

9. Garlic kills vampires and the coronavirus, apparently

11 absurd things that have happened because of the coronavirus
Garlic is nice to eat anyway.

According to social media platforms at the time, a homebrew of garlic cloves boiled in water did "wonders" for COVID-19. Yet, despite the virus killing thousands of people, it was claimed garlic should be able to cure a coronavirus infection. 

We are unsure about that, but consuming garlic is good for your health for many other reasons

10. Is Garlic not your thing? Why not try small onions?

11 absurd things that have happened because of the coronavirus
Source: Chiot's Run/Flickr

We have some good news if you are a vampire or hate garlic. According to a hotel owner in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, you could also try using some small onions to fight COVID-19.

The owner explained that "according to the Siddha medicine system, small onions provide resistance to flu-based diseases. So, we are offering Uthappam with small onions to the customers".

Not all heroes wear capes...

11. Dean Koontz predicted the virus back in the 1980s

11 absurd things that have happened because of the coronavirus
Source: Dean Koontz/Amazon

And lastly, back in mid-February, there was a claim that author Dean Koontz predicted the coronavirus outbreak in his 1981 book "The Eyes of Darkness." Segments of the book were shared widely on social media showing eerie similarities between COVID-19 and the book's fictional virus called "Wuhan-400." But this claim has since been debunked.

But there is something interesting about this story.  Before 2008, the virus was called "Gorki-400" before the current version's apparent rebranding. 

“We’re not entirely sure when or why this change occurred. From what we can tell, the biological weapon was originally called ‘Gorki-400’ when this book was published in 1981. But by 2008, the name had been changed to ‘Wuhan-400.’” - Snopes

The plot thickens...

And that is your lot for today.

These are a few examples of outlandish claims and other practices adopted or suggested by some to ward off the coronavirus at the time. Trust us when we say this was just the tip of the iceberg.

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