11 Sustainable Products You Can Buy

The era of sustainable products is here thanks to the growing waste rates.
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1, 2 Food Huggers/Amazon, Bee's Wrap/Amazon

Sustainability is one of the most critical topics these days. While global warming and desertification are getting worse, we still have some things to do for Earth. Using eco-friendly products is absolutely one of them. We can lessen our yearly plastic consumption by using these products and tools. Plus, it has a great side, it's a great way to keep us on budget. 


1. Bamboo Utensils Set

11 Sustainable Products You Can Buy
Source: To-Go Ware

Let's start with our eating habits. Using plastic utensils for every meal may not sound expensive to you, but it costs so much for our world. Bamboo is an excellent choice when it comes to material. Eating with these will make you forget the metal taste and sound when you're eating. This cute set comes with its bag; you can carry them everywhere you go and reject using plastic forks, knives, and spoons. Plus, it's available in six colors.

2. Bamboo Paper Towel

11 Sustainable Products You Can Buy
Source: Kitchen + Home/Amazon

We're using tons of paper towel in our daily life. It may look so practical and easy to use, but it's alternative, bamboo paper towels are easy to use too. These towels are more absorbent and durable than regular paper towels. It's made from a sustainable certified organic bamboo source, so it's washable and reusable. You can use it anywhere you want, including your skin. You can save your money and save the Earth at the same time.

3. Bee's Wrap

11 Sustainable Products You Can Buy
Source: Bee’s Wrap/Amazon

An excellent alternative way for wrapping your leftovers; Bee's Wrap made of organic cotton, sustainably harvested beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. Bee's Wraps are washable, reusable and composable. It comes with three sizes, and it's available in four colors.

4. Food Huggers

11 Sustainable Products You Can Buy
Source: Food Huggers/Amazon

When it comes to preserving your cut products, Food Huggers may help you. You can choose any shape of Food Huggers; they will cover and save your food to keep them fresh. It's made of %100 silicone and BPA-free. They're available in many colors and many sizes.

5. Silicone Covered Glass Container

11 Sustainable Products You Can Buy
Source: Frego/Amazon

These are sustainable glass food storage containers with a dual lock lid that seals tight, keeps food fresh, and prevents spills and leaks. These are eco-friendly, chemical-free, and non-toxic. They don't have any BPA, PVC, or other toxins when heated in them. 

6. Reusable Zip-Lock

11 Sustainable Products You Can Buy
Source: Rezip/Amazon

Another way of preserving food, it's ideal for use at home or on the go. These zip-locks are lead-free and BPA-free. You can use them for traveling, at home or more.

7. Reusable Air Purifying Bags

11 Sustainable Products You Can Buy
Source: Purely Basic/Amazon

These natural air purifying bags are 100% organic. They absorb and eliminate odors safely and effectively. They don't contain any artificial fragrances. Are you concerned about the environment? Don't worry. These bags are reusable over & over. After two years, yoı can recycle them in your garden to help your plants absorb nutrients.

8. Plantable Gift Wrap

11 Sustainable Products You Can Buy
Source: Triumph Plant/Amazon

This gift wrap made from 100% recycled paper and embedded with hundreds of Wildflower seeds. So you can plant the paper afterward and watch it bloom. It comes with a four large flowering seeded gift wrap and six Gift Cards.

9. Reusable Straws

11 Sustainable Products You Can Buy
Source: Hiware/Amazon

This set includes eight colors straws, one storage pouch, and two cleaning brushes, they're washable. You can carry them anywhere and reject plastic straws when you're drinking your beverage.

10. Natural and Sulfate-Free Dish Soap

11 Sustainable Products You Can Buy
Source: Puracy/Amazon

This soap has advanced plant-based ingredients to produce mounts of deep cleaning suds. It's family safe, non-drying and non-irritating to your skin. Even if you have hard water in your area, it quickly cuts through Grease and lefts spot-Free surfaces. Plus, it smells like green tea and lime.

11. Bamboo Nursing Pads

11 Sustainable Products You Can Buy
Source: EcoNursingPads/Amazon

A perfect baby shower gift with an extra feature, removing make-up! These pads are obviously produced for breast-feeding mothers. But you can buy and use them instead of disposable cotton rounds to take your makeup off. They come as 14 pads and with their bags.

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