11 Work Stations from Engineers Working at Home

Here are some examples of home work stations that make work from home a pleasure rather than a chore.
Christopher McFadden

With many businesses closing their doors during the current pandemic, many employees are rallying to build their own home workstations. If you are looking for some workstation ideas for your own, these examples might just help.


What are some examples of workstations for engineers who are working at home?

Here are some examples of workstations created by, or for, engineers who are working at home. This list is far from exhaustive and is not in any particular order.

1. This person built their own "walking desk"

engineers work at home desks treadmill
Source: Steven Fisher/ARS Technica

One of the main problems with workstations at home or in the office is poor posture and being sedentary for long periods of time. While you can get around this by taking regular breaks or going for a walk, you might want to consider combining these activities while you work.

That is exactly what this person did. By spending a few hundred bucks, they turned their workstation into a place of work and exercise. 

They did this by adding a basic treadmill and were able to clock up a few thousand miles while never missing a moment's work. 

"Some years back, not content with sitting at a computer all day for work and not happy just to stand in one spot, I embarked upon a quest to walk while working. Since then, I built two of my own 'treadmill desks' for a few hundred bucks each and logged thousands of miles on them." explained Steven Fisher

"They certainly aren't a flashy kit, but they keep me happier and healthier when I work from home. And in the midst of our global quarantine, I thought my setup might prove inspirational to some of my fellow geeks," Fisher added. 

2. This Sim V engineer turned their caravan into a home office

The Chief Engineer for Sim V, Randy, found an interesting solution to having to work from home. By converting his existing Airstream caravan, this workstation setup enabled Randy to satisfy his need to work with his passion for camping and the outdoors.

The caravan even has a DIY WIFI antenna installed that pulls his home internet connection into his comfy caravan-come-office. This really is an interesting and fun way to work from the comfort of your own home.

3. This software engineer decided to turn their SUV into their workstation

engineers home workstations SUV
Source: Joseph Kim/CNN

One software engineer, Joseph Kim, found that working at home during the COVID-19 pandemic was a little stressful. Especially since he and his wife live in a pretty small condo in San Francisco.

So, with their SUV pretty much going spare at the moment, he decided to kill two birds with one stone. He found that it was the perfect solution to his troubles. 

"I love being outside so this gives me the flexibility to get some fresh air," Kim explained.

Their pet dog also decided to keep Kim company during these tough times. 

4. This home office workstation is like a work of art

Glad I invested in our home office before the lockdown :( My WFH station. Sorry, no RGB. from r/battlestations

This person's workstation looks like a place you want to return to day-after-day during the quarantine. Thankfully, they had invested and built it long before the current pandemic. 

5. Looking for somewhere to build your home office workstation? Convert your garage...

I flipped my apartment garage into a home office - Album in comments from r/pics

Finding a place to dedicate to your home office workstation can be a challenge when confined to your home. But, "where there is a will there is a way."

With their garage being used to store their junk, this person decided to put it to some real use. After tidying it up and flexing their DIY muscles, this might be the perfect solution for anyone working at home.

6. If you have the ability, why not consider building a glass-enclosed home office?

If you are struggling to separate work from home life during the current pandemic, this might help. By building a glass-enclosure, or any other material for that matter, you can readily separate work from home life.  

7. Why not take your home office workstation into your greenhouse?

This person decided to buck the trend by taking their home office workstation into their greenhouse. With plenty of natural light and fresh air, this is a working-from-home strategy that should be quite pleasant over extended periods of time. 

8. This home office is a shrine to technology

This tech-savvy individual's home office workstation is a tech-lovers dream. With a plethora of monitors, laptops, and other tech, this is one home office that would be a pleasure to work in.

9. Mustang Mach-E engineers are also taking their work home, as well as a few of car's prototypes

engineers working at home mustang
Source: Electrek

Engineers for Mustang who have also been confined to their homes during the pandemic are also continuing their work at home. Those team members working on the Mustang MACH-E's infotainment system and other software are continuing their work from the safety of their own homes.

Some of the team have even been provided with a few of the car's prototypes to test out any tweaks they've developed.

Aleyna Kapur, an engineer working on communications between hardware and software, explained that "If there is a different calibration we want to try, I will jump into the vehicle, the flash goes in, I will take the car around the block, come back, look at the data, and see how things reacted.

Maybe I’ll get back in the vehicle, tweak a few things, and come back to the desk. It’s right there."

10. Engineers are Flyin' Miata are continuing their work from home too

working from home 3d printing
Source: Flyin' Miata/Road and Track

Engineers from Flyin' Miata are taking the COVID-19 pandemic in their stride by continuing to 3D print parts at home. The company has developed a line of second-generation maintenance tools that are lighter and cheaper than more conventional ones.

Their new range of tools is made from carbon-reinforced nylon and can be readily 3D printed.

The company's line of three 3D printers has since been moved to some of their employee's garages as their main warehouse has been shut to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2. This not only allows employees to continue their work but also enables the company to keep rolling out its parts.

11. Employee's at this lab have taken their very own microscopes home to continue developing them

An employee for Huisken Labs has taken home one of the company's Flamingo microscopes home to continue their work during the pandemic. Huisken Labs specialize in developing and building tailor-made optical microscopes to non-invasively explore morphogenesis and function in living organisms.