21 Popular Physics Videos on YouTube to Learn the Basics

Understanding physics is key to understanding much of basic science, and these 21 videos are your key to the world of physics.
Jessica Miley
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Physics is one of the most fascinating fields in science - and the weirdest.


What are black holes, why are some things random and exactly what is expanding?

Luckily YouTube is a rich source of knowledge that we can turn to for help. This list curates some of the best explanations about physics theories you should have learned in school but didn't. 

While not always easy to understand, getting your head around basics physics principles will help you understand so much of the world around us and beyond. 

1. Entropy doesn’t measure disorder, it measures likelihood.

Entropy is often misunderstood to measure disorder. But this video sets the reckon straight.

2. Conservation of Energy

A basic principle that opens the doors to understanding just about everything around us. 

3. An overview of Feynman Diagrams

A picture is worth a thousand words - this is especially the case when you need to display how electromagnetic interactions between subatomic particles.

4. Empty space isn't empty

Just when you think its safe to go outside quark and gluon field fluctuations get in the way!

5. What are black holes really?

The question we have all felt the need to ask at some point in our lives.

6. Electromagnetism explained

It's not exactly the thing you felt when you first fell in love. This video explains an essential physics principle. 

7. Theory of Relativism

A classic Einstein theory that all good science lovers need to have a grasp of.

8. The basics of Thermodynamics

In a broad stroke thermodynamics is the study of relationships between all forms of energy. 

9. Notes on Fluids at Rest

While fluids in motion get lots of attention, the ones at rest are important too. This video gives a good basic understanding of this principles ideas.

10. Basics of radiation

Radiation is all around us. Learn just how, where and why in this video. 

11. All you need to know about traveling waves

You can't surf these waves but this video will unleash a whole new level of understanding about waves in physics.

12. Geometric Optics

Geometrical optics, also known as ray optics, describes light spread in terms of rays.

13. Understand centrifugal force

A force that you'll start to notice more frequently in everyday life after you watch this video. 

14. Ohm's law in under 12 minutes

An integral part of understanding electronics

15. A great explanation for gravitational potential

This video will help you get your head around lots of space-related stuff

16. Inelastic and elastic collisions

Warning: spoiler alert its got something to do with kinetic energy

17. Tangential Velocity demonstrated with people

There is no better way to understand science than with grown adults doing wacky stuff.

18. Impulse and Momentum as a physics topic

While Impulse and momentum sound like keywords in a self-help book, trust us when we say its all about physics.

19. Capacitator Physics and circuit operation

After watching this video the inside of your gadgets will make just a little more sense.

20. The fourth state of matter: Plasma

Plasma is not just the stuff of sci-fi! This TEDx talk explains it brilliantly.

21. The best way to understand mass and weight

Sorry to break it to you, but they aren't the same thing. Watch this video to the end to fully comprehend one of physics most essential principles.

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