23 of The Best Halloween Gifts For Geeks

Halloween is as good as reason as any to spoil that adorable geek in your life with these halloween gifts.
Jessica Miley

1. Zombie head cereal bowl - Buy Now

Breakfast has never been so creepy with this amazingly gross zombie cereal bowl.

This zombi head cereal bowl will make your day.
Source: ThinkGeek

2. Hovercraft Levitating Construction Challenge - Buy Now

Challenge your friends to this nerdy game of patience and strategy. Who can stack the most blocks on this levitating platform before disaster strikes?

The best game for geeks!
Source: CoolStuff


3. Build-On Brick Mug - Buy Now

Drink your favorite Halloween tipple out of this lego inspired mug.

Coffee has never felt so creative
Source: Amazon

 4. Star Wars Waffle - Buy Now

Surprise your neighborhood by making waffles for your trick or treat this year with this super cool Star Wars waffle maker.

23 of The Best Halloween Gifts For Geeks
Source: Amazon

 5. Star Trek TOS Schematic Duvet Cover and Pillow Cases - Buy Now

After a long day of trick or treating, you need a good rest protected by this brilliant StarTrek bed linen set. 

Get a good night sleep safe under this StarTrek duvet
Source: ThinkGeek

6. iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit - Buy Now

Designed for electronics this kit might also come in handy for last-minute fixes to complex Halloween costumes. 

Fix everything with this essential tool kit
Source: iFixit/Amazon

7. Incomplete Data People T-Shirt - Buy Now

If a costume seems too much just say it like it is with this perfectly geeky t-shirt.

23 of The Best Halloween Gifts For Geeks
Source: ThinkGeek

 8. Chemist's Cocktail Kit - Buy Now

Mix up a batch of Halloween inspired cocktails with this mad scientist cocktail kit. 

Mix up the perfect potion with this kit.
Source: Spy

9. Winged Goggles - Buy Now

A costume is made with accessories and nothing is cooler than a steampunk scientist. 

Turn into a steampunk scientist with these perfect winged glasses
Source: Amazon

10. Smartphone projector - Buy Now

Watch your favorite spooky movie on the go with the clever smartphone projector. 

Movie night just got more compact
Source: NotOneTheHighStreet

11. Academy da Vinci Clock - Buy Now

Is it midnight yet? This DaVinci Inspired clock will have you right on time for full moon howling. 

Tell the time in style with this beautiful mode
Source: Modelrectifier

 12. TrackR - Buy Now

Don't lose your candy basket! Add a TrackR to your favorite stash of snacks so you can track it if it gets pinched by greedy housemates. 

Never lose your keys again!
Source: TheTrackr

13. Tesla t-shirt - Buy Now

Dress as a Tesla Engineer with this suave and simple piece of merchandise. 

23 of The Best Halloween Gifts For Geeks
Source: Tesla

14. 2021 Bubble Wrap Calendar - Buy Now

Thankfully, 2020 is almost over and hopefully, 2021 will be much better. Follow your new hopes and plans for the new year closely in a fun way!

23 of The Best Halloween Gifts For Geeks
Source: Print Inn/Amazon


15. Silicone Coasters with Floppy Disk Design - Buy Now

Don't spill your Halloween cocktails! Add some geek to your decor with these realistic plastic coasters.

23 of The Best Halloween Gifts For Geeks
Source: Amazon

16. Populele: The World's First Smart Ukulele - Buy Now

Sing your way throughout trick-or-treat route with a Populele, the world's first smart ukulele. 

The worlds first smart ukelele

17. My Arcade Retro Machine Handheld Gaming System - Buy Now

If Halloween is just exhausting, turn out the lights and get stuck into some seriously tiny gaming with this detailed mini gaming system. 

23 of The Best Halloween Gifts For Geeks
Source: Gary Planamento/Amazon

 18. Cuff-Daddy Working Silver USB Flash Drive Cufflinks - Buy Now

Don't let your data leave your body! These cufflinks are perfect for the spy-inspired costume. 

Secretly store your data.
Source: Amazon

19. Socks subscription - Buy Now

Give a gift that lasts all year! Every day you can wear a little bit of costume with a nerdy sock subscription from loot crate. 

Get new nerdy socks every month
Source: LootCrate

20. The Keyboard Waffle Iron - Buy Now

Put the trick back into trick or treating with this hilarious keyboard replica waffle iron. 

23 of The Best Halloween Gifts For Geeks
Source: TheKeyboardWaffle

21. Wireless Earphones - Buy Now

Block out the kids screams with these high-quality wireless earphones. with a long battery life and slim design, your Halloween will have a personalized soundtrack. 

23 of The Best Halloween Gifts For Geeks

22. Block Drone - Buy Now

Terrify your neighborhood with this tiny drone that you can build yourself. Endless fun for all ages, the drone can be configured for speed or stealth.