27 Gears You Should Definitely Get If You Love Winter Sports

Here are the best gears for the winter sports enthusiasts out there.
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If you're planning to book a winter holiday in the French Alps, you should be ready for the freezing weather conditions that will greet you there.

It is essential to have the right equipment to get the best experience out of your holiday. Whether you are a skier or a snowboarder, these windproof jackets and fog-proof goggles will protect you from extreme situations.


What to wear for winter sports? 

Whether you're an expert in winter sports or just a traveler who's gone to a ski resort once, keeping yourself warm and dry is the most important part. Fashion changes by the season, however, you can find suitable and protective winter clothes any time of the year. Here is a list of must-have wearables:

  • Ski or snowboard jacket

  • Ski or snowboard pants (or bibs)

  • Gloves or mittens

  • Helmet

  • Goggles

1. Windproof Jackets 

If you want to hit the slopes, a durable and windproof jacket is a definite must-have. You need a high-quality jacket that is waterproof and wind-resistant to keep your body warm and dry. 

27 Gears You Should Definitely Get If You Love Winter Sports
Source: Andorra/Amazon

Consider the important features and functionality while picking the right ski jacket. Whether you're an occasional rider or a professional one, here is a bunch of jackets you can choose from:

Rustler Gore-Tex Jacket

Wantdo Waterproof Ski Jacket

Andorra Ski Jacket

Spyder Jacket 

2. Helmets

You shouldn't ever ski without a helmet, and finding the most comfortable and protective one can be a challenge. If you don't like heavy helmets and find them uncomfortable, you're lucky. There're helmets that are so light that you won't feel like you're wearing anything.

27 Gears You Should Definitely Get If You Love Winter Sports
Source: WildHorn Outfitters/Amazon

Winter sports are brutal and prone to accidents. You should wear a helmet at all costs to prevent any accidents from happening.

Retrospec Traverse H1 Helmet

TurboSke Ski Helmet

Giro Terra MIPS Snow Helmet

Wildhorn Drift Helmet

3. Goggles

You can clear your vision and protect your eyes from the snowstorms with the best goggles. You can never be sure of the weather since it is unpredictable. Some days can start out sunny, then turn to dark and stormy in an instant. Snow googles will be your best friend on days like that.

27 Gears You Should Definitely Get If You Love Winter Sports
Source: best_electronic_store/eBay

You can make your day with good goggles, or totally break it with an unwanted crash. There are so many options in the market, but it's important to find a durable one. Also, good goggles should be breathable and provide face protection. 

Zeal Optics Portal XL Frameless Snow Goggles

Smith 4D Mag Chromapop Goggles

Spy Legacy Goggles

Oakley Fall Line

VonZipper Jetpack Goggles

4. Snow Sleds

Winter sports require so many gears, and it can be very expensive to buy everything. However, you can still have fun on the hills without paying for numerous items. 

If you still want to have fun on the hills, you can do it with snow sleds that increase your speed. Also, your kids can enjoy portable and easy-to-carry sleds while making the other children jealous.  

27 Gears You Should Definitely Get If You Love Winter Sports
Source: Flexible Flyer/Amazon

All you need to do is climb up to the top. You don't need to buy extra gear to use the sleds. Maybe, a helmet?

Flexible Flyer Snow Sled

Airhead Classic

Geospace Ski Scooter

A-DUDU Snow Tube

5. Cross-Country Skis 

If you aren't satisfied with ski resorts and you want to set your own route, you need cross-country skis. The cross-country skis minimize resistance and they're designed for the challenging conditions. 

These skis are very durable and have a strong performance ability on deep terrain.

Rossignol Evo OT 65

Fischer Spider 62

Salomon S/Race 

6. Snowboard Boots

You should always choose the best snow boots. If you're a ski lover who never leaves the mountains, a comfortable boot is very important. A good boot can take your skills up to the next level.

Here is a detailed review of K2 Renin snowboarding boots by K2, one of the best brands on the market:

DC Phase Snowboard Boots

Burton Moto

Vans Hi-Standart OG

K2 Renin

7. Ski Pants

No one wants their legs to freeze, right? Poorly-made snow pants and casual pants might wet your legs. Ski pants are designed to keep your legs warm and dry, even in the worst conditions.

27 Gears You Should Definitely Get If You Love Winter Sports
Source: The North Face/Amazon

The first thing you should consider when buying ski pants is what you'll be doing with them. If you'll just hang around in the resort, you don't have to buy them. However, if you're serious about the sport, here are the best pants that will meet your needs:

Arc'teryx Ski Pants

The North Face Insulated Pants

Outdoor Research Skyward II Pants

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