5 Applications of Drones for All Your Needs

Whether you're a professional or an amateur videographer, here is a list of drones that will give you the best aerial view.
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Drones are used by professional and amateur photographers, and they've become the new-gen shooting equipment recently. They can reach areas that normal cameras can't, and provide unique aerial perspectives of cities, landscapes, and buildings. 

Taking videos or photographs with drones allows you to see every corner of the landscapes, and they're also controllable. Previously, helicopters were used for professional video shots, but it's far easier to remote drones and change their directions from your smartphone.

In this list, you can find a drone for your every need, and it'll help you choose the right one accordingly. 

1. For Adventure 

Thankfully, the drones are portable and smaller than ever before. If you're a backpacker or an adventure-enthusiast, a drone is the best travel buddy for you. With a drone, you'll capture the funniest moments of your adventures even in underwater.

5 Applications of Drones for All Your Needs
Source: JIAMY/Amazon

Taking heavy camera equipment with you makes everything harder. They are hard to carry and heavy, while on the other hand drones are light and easy to handle. You can carry them during all kinds of adventures. 

PowerVision PowerRay Underwater

Pocket Selfie Drone

Hover Drone


2. For Filmmaking 

Remember Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance that was filmed by a drone? We've used all kinds of drones for high-resolution videos all over the years. They've become a component of art. Droned can be used to impress audiences and make your movie shots more interesting. 

Here is a quick peek into the filmmaking experience with a drone by DJI: 

For the filmmakers, drones are safer and easier than helicopter shots. They also make the scenes more immersive with different techniques of filmmaking. It's important to have durable equipment for the harshest conditions. Although drones look small, they withstand wind, heat, and crashes. 

DJI Matrice 600

DJI Mavic Pro

GoPro Karma

Airdog AD20

3. For Marketing and Advertisement

From package delivery to promotional videos, drones are the stars of marketing. 

If you don't have a large budget but still want to shoot promotional videos for your company, a drone is the best option for it. Specifically, restaurant, cafe, or hotel owners can promote their company with the drones, and give information to their customers. 

Drones will photograph and film your products, and give you what you need for marketing videos. You can produce professional-quality videos with drones that will surely increase your sales. 

Autel Robotics - EVO 4K

DJI Mavic Mini

DJI Inspire II

 4. For Travel

If you like to travel around the world and taking photos and videos of your destinations, a drone can make your work more professional. You'll get unique perspectives with drones. You don't need a videographer to capture professional videos anymore. 

Let's take a trip to the Alps with the DJI Phantom 3:

Whether you have a travel blog or you're the owner of a traveling company, drones make capturing the landscapes easy and effortless. You'll stun your audience with unique images. They're also affordable and portable. 

DJI Phantom 3

Parrot ANAFI

DJI Spark

5. For Events

From indoor events to outdoor concerts, drones provide professional-looking entertainment. You can share your events' real-time videos and images with drones. Your posts will get more engagement on social media. Live streaming your event with a drone on social media will make your audience a part of the event. 

You can watch the detailed review of Holy Stone HS700 by Captain Drone, a YouTuber who makes reviews of drones:

They can be used for security in events. You can use them to monitor the places where tickets are sold and the entrance doors. 

Tello Quadcopter

Holy Stone HS700D


Choose Your Purpose

First of all, ask yourself why you need a drone. If your answer is hobby or entertainment, like most beginner users, inexpensive and amateur drones will be the ideal choice.

Technical Features 

After all, you'll be getting a drone for the first time and your priority will be to learn how to control this device. In this context, even if you have the money, a drone with a 12 MP camera that can shoot 4K videos won't be the right one for you. A simple yet adequate drone in terms of its technical specifications would be a good start.

Flight Time and Battery

The most common problems for all drone users are charging time and battery capacity. They can stay in the air for 7-25 minutes. However, drones with low capacity batteries can fly for a very short time. Before you buy the drone, you should do detailed research about flight time and battery capacity. 

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