7 Humans Who Might Actually Be Robots

Here is some evidence that robots could indeed be among us!
Christopher McFadden
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Have you ever suspected that one of your fellow citizens is actually a robot in disguise? From suspicious behavior to an apparent superhuman ability to perform a task, there might be some tell-tale signs that you could be right.

Here we have gathered some of the most convincing evidence that there are, indeed, robots walking amongst us!

Or they could just be some very weird human beings? We may never know for sure.


Are there any human-like robots?

Many research facilities around the world are currently developing human-like robots. Generally called "humanoid," these robots have varying features that are ostensibly similar to real humans beings.

To date, we have not been able to completely replicate all features of a human being in a robotic form. Walking, for example, has proved to be a very difficult human feature to replicate. 

Companies like Boston Dynamics, are making literal leaps and bounds in this area, however. Other human-like robots are also working on simulating human facial expressions and copying human hand dexterity. 

What was the first human-robot?

With highly advanced examples like Hanson Robotics' Sophia, you could be forgiven for thinking that humanoid-robots are a fairly modern invention. But, as it turns out, humans have been attempting to replicate ourselves in robot form for quite a long time.

From very early examples like the "Mechanical Turk", to more advanced "true" humanoid robots, there have been some interesting attempts throughout history. 

But first, it might be useful to define what we are talking about?

"A humanoid robot is a robot with a body shape built to reflect the human body. Generally, humanoid robots have a torso with a head, two arms and two legs, however, many modern humanoid robots are only based on the human body only from the waist up." - lucarobotics.com.

One of the first "true" humanoid robots was the 1927 "Herbert Televox" created by Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. It was designed by Ron Wensley and it could lift a receiver to accept a telephone call as well as control simple processes by operating switches according to the signals it received.

At first, it could not talk but was later developed to be able to "speak" two simple sentences. 

human-robots in real life
Sophia is one of the most advanced human-like robots of all time, SourceInternational Telecommunications Union/Wikimedia Commons

What are some examples of people who might be robots?

So, without further ado, here are 7 images of people who suspiciously act or look like robots. Trust us when we say this list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. Mortal beings must eat!

Must not raise suspicion from r/totallynotrobots

There are some things that robots don't actually need to do that humans must do to survive. One of those is actually consuming food and drink. 

Many human-like robots have found various strategies to "pretend" to eat so they don't blow their cover. Unfortunately, the experience is less than enjoyable for them.

Here is a prime example. Over his many years of human-infiltration, this human-robot has come to despise the act, and openly advertises his disgust for ingestion. 

This is a red flag, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for other such suspicious "humans."

2. This unit is still mastering perambulation


Another thing to look for when seeking out robot-humans is to check for walking glitches. You'll need to be lucky to spot it when it happens, but when they do such errors can be quite dramatic.

Above we have included an excellent example. You will observe that this unit has predicted an upcoming error and removed themselves from public view prior to the event.

You will also note that they do not waste any time getting back on their feet.

Unfortunately for "him", there happened to be a handily-placed CCTV camera present. 

3. Just two "humans" cruising in a car

Just a couple real humans cruising down the street. from r/totallynotrobots

These human-robot units have realized that "real" humans like to relax from time to time by driving their cars aimlessly. Thinking their cover is all but perfect, they haven't yet mastered how to look relaxed. 

These two are some quite advanced units, and it can be tricky to spot their giveaways when they inevitably let their guard down. But should you suspect other humans of actually being robots, you could consider planting a camera in their car to gather the required evidence. 

Just make sure you aren't breaking the law when you do so!

4. Perhaps these human-robots might be useful?

VERY NORMAL HUMAN SKILL LEVEL from r/totallynotrobots

Very suspicious behavior indeed. This unit appears to have dispensed with any and all notions of blending in with society.

Openly flaunting their superior precision and accuracy with many tasks, it appears we may have misjudged them. They might be one of the best labor-saving companions a human could ever hope for. 

From performing basic domestic chores with ease of delivering beverages, perhaps we should learn to embrace them into society? 

5. Is nothing sacred to these human-robots?

MY LATEST ~~PRINT~~ DRAWING from r/totallynotrobots

With all the fears of the coming robot-AI age, most humans have felt safe knowing that they could never supplant humans in the arts. But this unit has other ideas.

It appears that they are even superior to human beings when it comes to creating works of art. With such progress being made, there will be very little left for humans to actually do with their time. 

This cannot be allowed to continue. We might need to act before it is too late!

6. Even human-robots need some TLC from time to time

Don’t mind me from r/WTF

Here is another piece of evidence that robots, do indeed, walk amongst us. Being mostly mechanical they are required to relubricate their parts from time to time. 

Obviously this would be a dead giveaway, so some units have taken up professions that can provide them with cover for such activities. Here is one prime example.

By pretending to be a car mechanic, this robot-human appears to have needed some urgent lubrication. Rather than raising suspicion, they decided to play a "prank" during an oil change. 

Very clever. None of its coworkers will ever suspect -- but we know better!

7. Human-robots are even being featured in major publications!


Going by the cover name of "Jared Kushner," this robot-human unit has managed to infiltrate some of the higher echelons of our society. This one has been so successful that it has even managed to be featured in Time magazine!

How on Earth could this have happened? The cover image speaks a thousand words!

Quite impressive indeed. We are watching very closely "Jared."

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