7+ of the Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Math Teachers

For those beleaguered math teachers out there, here are 7+ Instagram account you need to follow.
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If you love to teach math or have been dropped in at the deep end, here are some great Instagram accounts you need to follow. But even if you don't teach math, but love it, you might want to consider following some of these regardless. 


Who are the best science influencers on Instagram?

If you love science as well as math, you might also want to consider checking out some of these great accounts. According to sites like influencerintelligence.econsultancy.com, here are some of the best science influencers on Instagram: -

  • Dianna Cowern.

  • Natalie Panek.

  • Phil Torres.

  • Mitchell Moffit.

  • Neil Harbisson.

  • Abigail Harrison.

  • Pardis Sabeti.

  • Athena Brensberger.

What are the most popular scientist-related accounts on Instagram?

If you want some more science-related Instagram accounts you might want to also consider some of these (courtesy of mentalfloss.com): -

  • Scott Kelly. 

  • Bipolaire61. 

  • Georgia Aquarium. 

  • Science Museum. 

  • Popular Science. 

  • The Bronx Zoo. 

  • NASA Goddard. 

  • Liberty Science Center.

What are the best educational Instagram accounts to follow?

Instagram has a wealth of educational accounts that you might also find of interest. According to sites like diygenius.com, and The Huffington Post, here are some of the best Instagram accounts for educational purposes: -

  • NASA. 

  • U.S. Department of the Interior. 

  • Astrophysics. 

best science instagram accounts to follow
Source: pxhere
  • The History Channel.

  • Curiosity. 

  • TED.

  • National Geographic.

  • NatGeo.
  • American Museum of Natural History.

7 of the best Instagram accounts to follow for math teachers

Everyone needs some inspiration from time to time. This is especially true for math teachers. Here are 7 great Instagram accounts for anyone who teaches math.

1. Kacie Travis (@mmmmkacietravis) is pretty good

Kacie Travis is a math teacher who loves nothing more than helping others get to grips with the topic. On her feed, she regularly shares creative ideas, classroom photos, and inspirational images. 

If you are a math-student or even a math teacher, this she has something for every math-enthusiast to like. 

2. mathgiraffe (@mathgiraffe) is a lot of fun

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When kids complete these two pages and lay them side by side, it shows the whole cycle of converting back and forth between fractions and decimals! ????. They just LOVE to pull these back out of their folders to reference and are so proud of their creative work. Plus, the brain based features that are built into #doodlenotes lead them to focus and remember the concept better long-term! Whether your kids are just starting to rewrite fractions and decimals, or ready for their third year of reviewing it (it’s just one of those things!) ?, check out these fractions and decimals doodle notes in my shop. ? And if you’re just getting started with visual notes, head to doodlenotes.org for some great beginning resources too! . . . #teachersofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers #mathteacher #mathteachertribe #iteachalgebra #visualnotes #visualnotetaking #sketchnotes #homeschool #iteach5th #iteach7th #iteach6th #teacherproblems #teacherhacks #elementaryteachers #instateachers #teachingideas #wholebrainteaching #teachingtips #homeschoolcollective #teachertribe #middleschoolteachers #teachergram #maths #mathsteacher #prealgebra #teachmath

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mathgiraffe is another great maths-related Instagram account to follow if you love mathematics. While the account is aimed at math teachers, its fun for anyone who likes math.

"Math teachers, learn how and why to teach math with CREATIVITY at mathgiraffe.com or click the link to shop creative but rigorous math resources." - mathgiraffe. 

3. 8thgrademathteacher (@8thgrademathteacher) is great for teaching ideas

8thgrademathteacher is another great account if you love to teach math. She regularly shares great tips and tricks for making math fun to learn.

This account also often posts pictures of her classroom showing her students putting her ideas into action. 

4. Ms. Boyers Cabin (@ms_boyers_cabin) is another great math resource

Ms. Boyer's Cabin is another great Instagram account for math-educators. She is a 5th and 6th Grade math teacher who also doubles as a literacy teacher at times. 

Her account is filled with great ideas for helping with your management and organization tasks.

5. divid3andconquer (@divid3andconquer) is also great

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Happy #Pi Day!

A post shared by Emma Lurker (@divid3andconquer) on

divid3andconquer is a nice play on words and is also a great Instagram account for math-enthusiasts. Run by Emma Lurker, this account offers followers great and unique teaching strategies for math.

She also often shares some funny math-related memes to brighten your day.

6.smithcurriculumconsulting (@smithcurriculumconsulting) is also a great resource

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A post shared by Jennifer Smith Jochen, M.Ed. (@smithcurriculumconsulting) on

Operated by Jennifer Smith Jochen, M.Ed., @smithcurriculumconsulting is a great resource for math-educators. She is a Staff Developer and Math Curriculum Designer who loves nothing more than inspiring 4-8th grade teachers.

Follow her account for some great tips and tricks to help make math fun and engaging. 

7. Have a little fun with theunhelpfulteacher (@


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A post shared by The Unhelpful Teacher (@theunhelpfulteacher) on

And finally, if you are need of some moral support, check @theunhelpfulteacher. By following this account you will inject some much-needed humor into your never-ending teaching day. 

This account regularly posts humorous pictures featuring some of the funny and annoying things teachers say.

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