9 Architectural Wonders of Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, filled with endless beautiful architectural buildings.
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Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is home to famous religious sites and medieval castles that are all kept in pristine condition.

All of these buildings are architectural wonders in their own right, but there are some fantastic sites that we've picked out. 

Let's take a look at the top nine architectural wonders across Switzerland.


9. Lausanne’s Cathedral - Lausanne

Lausanne in Switzerland is a beautiful city all around, and at the heart of the city, there is a beautiful cathedral.

9 Architectural Wonders of Switzerland
Source: Cricrimo/Pixabay

Known as Lausanne's Cathedral, it has lovely gothic architecture and is known all across the country. Notably, the cathedral has a massive stained glass window that goes back to the 13th century. 

One interesting fact about the building is that it was never finished. A project to restore the cathedral and complete its construction was started in the 19th century, but it's still going on today. 

8. St. Pierre Cathedral - Geneva

9 Architectural Wonders of Switzerland
Source: Nilington/Wikimedia

In Geneva, there's another famous cathedral known as the St. Pierre Cathedral. Construction first started in the 12th century. It merges a variety of architectural styles from different time periods. 

The church became part of the reformed church in the 16th century drawing John Calvin to preach there. During this period, due to the practices of the reformed church, most of the building was stripped of its lavish decoration, leaving only its raw architectural beauty.

7. Kapellbrücke - Lucerne

In the city of Lucerne, there sits the Kapellbrücke, otherwise known as the Chapel Bridge. This structure stretches across the Reuss River and is made of wood.

In fact, it's the oldest surviving wood bridge in all of Europe and was built in 1333. 

9 Architectural Wonders of Switzerland
Source: Xantana/iStock

In the interior of this bridge, there are paintings in triangular sections that detail much of the city's history. If you visit Lucerne, you definitely need to take the time to see this architectural and historical beauty.

6. Abbey of St. Gall

9 Architectural Wonders of Switzerland
Source: Gmelfi/Wikimedia

Once one of the most important religious structures in the whole of Europe, the Abbey of St. Gallen now is home to one of the world's oldest libraries. 

The building was an active abbey from 747 all the way up until 1805 when it was dissolved. Now, it stands preserved in its original Baroque style for all to see.

5. Grossmünster - Zurich 

Grossmünster in Zurich is one of the primary landmarks in the city of Zurich. Construction of this Romanesque-style church first started in 1100, and it was finally finished 120 years later, in the year 1220. 

9 Architectural Wonders of Switzerland
Source: RolandZH/Wikimedia

It's internal and exterior architecture reflects the styles of the Protestant Reformation that swept across Europe. It's certainly a sight to see. 

4. Batiment des Forces Motrices - Geneva

This beautiful architectural and natural beauty is the site of a former hydropower plant on the Rhône river. It is now a cultural center for the area where the local art scene flourishes.

9 Architectural Wonders of Switzerland
Source: Lional Rajappa/Wikimedia

Positioned near where the river flows out of Lake Geneva, the Batiment was finished in 1892. After completion, it used the water flow to feed pressure into the city's water network. The hydraulic power also fed a system that ran throughout the city. 

In 1963, the city stopped using it as a functional power source, but it continued aiding in the water supply until 1988. Among all the structures on this list, the Batiment des Forces Motrices is the most engineering-centric architectural wonder — perhaps in all of Europe. 

3. Santa Maria Degli Angeli chapel

9 Architectural Wonders of Switzerland
Source: Chme82/Wikimedia

The Santa Maria Degli Angeli Chapel is particularly interesting, especially architecturally, because of the large footbridge that leads into the structure off of the nearby mountain.

Constructed in a Mannerist style during the period of 1569 to 1679, the church is one of the most sacred places for Franciscans.  

2. Tarasp Castle

9 Architectural Wonders of Switzerland
Source: Aconcongua/Wikimedia

The Tarasp Castle exemplifies a medieval castle. Perched on a rocky peak, the castle beckons to be in a fairy tale. Its white exterior overlooks the nearby town, making it a landmark for everyone to see.

The interior has been refurbished to its original beauty. 

1. Chillon Castle - Montreux

Perhaps this castle is the most beautiful building in all of Switzerland. Located near the resort town of Montreux, this castle, like Tarasp Castle, is perched upon a rocky platform.

9 Architectural Wonders of Switzerland
Source: Zachary Grossen/Wikimedia

It sits in front of one of the most picturesque backdrops of the Alps, and the building even has some fascinating history to it.

It served as a defensive camp during medieval times, eventually becoming a prison, and it's now a historical site.

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