9 Inspirational and Creative Fashion Tech Designers

Here are 9 women who are combining technology and fashion.
Nursah Ergü
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Technology is entering every aspect of our lives and it's unstoppable now. Yet women are still underpresented in the technology industry. What's more, the gender pay gap is getting wider instead of getting smaller. 

However, it doesn't mean that women don't exist in the technology industry. They successfully exist just as they exist in other sectors. 

One of the interesting fields that technology is front and center is in fashion. Turns out there are very successful women in the fashion tech industry. We can even say that women are far more successful in this sector than men. 

With that in mind, here's a look at 9 inspirational women who successfully integrated technology into fashion.

1. Joanna Berzowska

Berzowska thinks that the future is wearable. She's the founder and research director of XS Labs which is a design research studio that develops innovative methods in electronic textiles and responsive garments. Berzowska told Quartier de l'Innovation "There’s a great potential to achieve deeper insights into our bodies. Using biometric garments will allow us to see more carefully when we are tired, when we are stressed, when we are excited and to reach new levels of self-awareness and understanding. Once the new interactive textiles that I’m developing become consumer products, I think there is going to be a real fashion revolution.”

Source: TEDx Talks/YouTube

2. Kate Hartman

Kate Hartman has many titles, she's an artist, technologist, and educator and her work mostly focuses on the fields of physical computing, wearable electronics, and conceptual art. She's the co-creator of Botanicalls which is a system that lets thirsty plants call for human help via phone and the Lilypad XBee which is a sewable radio transceiver that allows your clothing to communicate.

Source: TED/YouTube

3. Kristi Kuusk

Kristi Kuusk is a designer-researcher whose work is focused on the direction of crafting sustainable smart textile services. She's searching for new ways for textiles and fashion to be more sustainable through the implementation of technology. 

In her last project Magic Lining collaborated with the scientists from the areas of human-computer interaction, psychology, and neuroscience. The team's project is focused on the possibilities of altering people's self-perception through the garment's inside.


4. Madison Maxey

Madison Maxey's areas of interest are materials and creative technology. She's the Founder and Technical Lead at LOOMIA, where she focuses on bringing flexible and robust circuitry (e-textiles) to scale. For five years, Maxey researched the flexible and drapable circuitry layer that comprises LOOMIA's core technology. She has developed e-textiles prototypes for companies such as North Face, Google, and Adidas. 

Source: TED Archive/YouTube

5. Maggie Orth

Maggie Orth is an artist, writer, technologist and creator of electronic textiles and interactive art. Her work focuses on textiles that change color under computer control, interactive textile sensors and light artworks, and robotic public art.


She's also experienced in different fields such as sustainability, technology, design-thinking, interface design, usability, product development and design, entrepreneurship, brain-storming, standards, intellectual property, wearable computing, storytelling, and verbal communication. She worked with many companies to develop wearable and technology products.

Source: TEDx Talks/YouTube

6. Despina Papadopoulos

Papadopoulos is a designer, researcher, and teacher. She has been developing wearables and experimenting with e-textiles. She has been involved in many social functionalities, tools and making and mapping systems. She's the founder of Principled Design which is a design and development studio based in New York City specialized in wearable technology and e-textile solutions.

Source: TEDx Talks/YouTube

7. Francesca Rosella

Francesca Rosella is the co-founder of CuteCircuit, the first wearable-technology fashion brand in the world, which is a merging futuristic fashion design with advanced technologies and smart fabrics aiming to create a new fashion style with magical interactive capabilities. 

In 2010, Katy Perry wore a CuteCircuit dress with LED lights to the MET Gala. And in 2012, Nicole Scherzinger wore the world's first haute couture Twitter Dress on the red carpet for the launch of the EE network in London.

Rosella on the right. Source: TEDx Talks/YouTube

8. Yuchen Zhang

Yuchen Zhang is a creative technologist who specializes in branding, interaction design, and technology. She created Project Reefstone which is a data-generative garment that visualizes the dramatic change of global temperature in the last 40 years. The form of the clothes resembles the bleached coral reefs, and are decaying due to the rise of global temperature.

She also has another project called Wearable Media which is a fashion brand. She works with the creative director, Hellyn Teng, and they produce clothes blended with technology.  

Source: yuchenzhang

9. Lara Grant

Lara Grant is a designer, prototyper, researcher and educator. Her work is focused on wearable electronics, crafting techniques, process and how concepts of sustainability can apply to fashion, technology, and their combination. She's integrating new technology and materials with fashion and textiles. 

She created musical shoes that make sound according to the movement of the shoes and many other projects in which she combined fashion and technology together.