8 biggest health innovations from CES 2023

Here are the greatest medical technology innovations from CES 2023.
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Spinamic Live on the left and Dignity Lifts WL1 on the right.
Spinamic Live on the left and Dignity Lifts WL1 on the right.

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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the world's biggest and most influential tech trade shows, is taking place this week in Las Vegas. Organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), it will host many large and small companies from 174 countries around the world who will present their cutting-edge technology products.

Having already started with a day of press conferences on January 4, the show will continue until January 8.

Here are some of the biggest health innovation technologies from CES 2023, in no particular order.

1. Alinity m Monkeypox PCR Test

8 biggest health innovations from CES 2023
Alinity m Monkeypox PCR Test.

Scientists from Abbot developed a new PCR test for monkeypox to be used in labs. The monkeypox test was created by Abbott scientists to run on the company's Alinity m laboratory instrument, which can be found in hospitals and central laboratories across the world.

This test was created by the research team to detect a wide range of potential mutations. The Alinity m laboratory equipment has the ability to run up to 20 assays simultaneously and can produce 300 results every eight hours.

2. Proclaim™ Plus Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) System

8 biggest health innovations from CES 2023
The Proclaim Plus™ SCS System.

Abbott's Proclaim™ Plus spinal cord stimulation system, which has recently been approved by the FDA, is an implanted device that uses mild electrical pulses to alter how the body perceives pain signals. This can help to reduce chronic pain and improve quality of life.

The device features FlexBurst360™ therapy, which is the next generation of Abbott's proprietary BurstDR™ stimulation technology. This therapy is able to provide pain relief in up to six different areas of the body and can be adjusted as a person's therapeutic needs change.

3. Ashirase wearable navigation system

8 biggest health innovations from CES 2023

Ashirase is a wearable navigation system designed to help visually impaired people while walking. It consists of a smartphone app and an in-shoe device with a motion sensor.

The app uses data from the sensor along with map and satellite positioning information to generate navigational instructions, which are communicated to the user through vibrations in the in-shoe device. The intuitive vibrations can guide users safely to their destination without disrupting their hearing, which is critical for those who are visually impaired.

4. WL1 Bidet Toilet Lift

8 biggest health innovations from CES 2023
The WL1 Bidet Toilet Lift.

Toileting can be exceptionally hard for seniors and physically disabled people; it is embarrassing for many to ask for help as well. The WL1 Toilet lift is quite helpful if you have difficulty standing from a low position, reaching, twisting, and wiping.

Dignity Lifts' WL1 Bidet Toilet Lift enables people with weak strength and/or mobility to use the toilet independently. It not only helps them sit down on the toilet, but also cleanses and dries them once they finish. Finally, the elevator gently returns them to their feet.

The WL1 Toilet lift can be quite helpful for those who have difficulty standing from a low position, reaching, twisting, and wiping.

5. FRENZ Brainband

8 biggest health innovations from CES 2023
FRENZ Brainband.

FRENZ Brainband is a wearable device that tracks brain activity and various biometric measurements in real-time. The world's first comfortable hospital-grade brain-tracking wearable, it captures brain signals (EEG), multiple vital signs (such as oxygen levels, heart rate, and breathing rhythm), head movement, facial micro-movements (electromyography, or EMG), and eye movements (electrooculogram, or EOG).

The device uses these signals to deliver personalized cognitive behavioral therapy through bone-conduction speakers, with the aim of improving sleep onset, depth, and duration and resulting in more refreshing mornings.

It was developed by scientists from the University of Oxford and the University of Colorado Boulder and has received several awards, and holds 15 patents related to machine learning algorithms, material science, and electrical engineering.

6. ENAD Finder

8 biggest health innovations from CES 2023
ENAD Finder.

ENAD (Endoscope AI Detector) Finder is an artificial intelligence (AI)-based program designed for computer-aided polyp detection systems in the area of colonoscopy to prevent colorectal cancer.

The tool has been trained on a large dataset of 220,000 images from 15,000 polyps, giving it the ability to detect polyps that may be hard to spot, even for doctors. It also has a low rate of false positives. ENAD can be used in real-time with a wide range of endoscopes, and it is easy to connect to different devices on the market.

7. BIOT Korea Stem Cell Navigator

8 biggest health innovations from CES 2023
BIOT Korea Stem Cell Navigator.

Stem Cell Navigator is a medical micro-robot that can deliver numerous drug treatments to the affected area in the body in a minimally invasive way. It also employs an external electronic driving device to move the drug directly to the target spot.

8. Spinamic Live

8 biggest health innovations from CES 2023
Spinamic Live.

Spinamic Live is a scoliosis brace that is designed to be comfortable and effective in correcting spinal curvature. Scoliosis can lead to the need for surgery if left untreated, but using a brace can help avoid this outcome. However, traditional plastic braces can be uncomfortable and unsightly, and lead to low compliance from patients, making them less effective.

Spinamic Live aims to improve compliance by using breathable fabric and an embedded pressure sensor. It also comes with a mobile app that allows patients and caregivers to track wearing time and use a motivation program to maximize clinical results.

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