These 9 Cities Offer the Largest Free Wifi Networks

Here are 9 cities where you can travel without worrying about your internet connection, thanks to free wifi networks.
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It's almost 2020, and the internet has been one of the most important things in our lives for a long time now. And we handle most of our business through the internet. When you're traveling, you might need the internet to search for touristic attractions, or you're lost in a new city or maybe you need to check an e-mail from your co-worker.

During these times, finding Wi-Fi to connect can be difficult and challenging. But you don't need to worry about these questions anymore if you're traveling to cities that offer free Wi-Fi networks all around town. 

It's obvious that free Wi-Fi in cities is pretty significant. Here are 9 cities that offer free Wi-Fi networks and if you end up in these cities, you don't need to worry about finding Wi-Fi!

1. Moscow, Russia

As of 2019, Moscow's free Wi-Fi network has joined the World's top 3 by the number of free access points. It can be seen that Moscow overtook some megacities of the world such as New York, London, and Tokyo. 

In the streets, libraries, parks, culture centers, and student hostels of Moscow, there are now more than 18,000 points of access to free and unlimited internet. 

3,000 of these points have been installed on streets within the Garden Ring and at other locations within the Third Transport Ring, which covers most of the city center, more than 1,200 Wi-Fi points in 43 city parks, over 10,500 in university and college hostels including nearly 3,500 in cultural facilities. 

Minister of the Government of Moscow, Eduard Lysenko said that they will continue to develop Moscow's Wi-Fi network and within a year, access points will be available in further 60 libraries, and this will take the total number of libraries with wireless internet to almost 400.

Source: designerpoint/pixabay

2. New York, USA

It's obvious that New York is the tech capital of the East Coast. Even if you're relaxing in Central Park, wandering around Times Square or when you're taking the subway, it's easy to connect to free public Wi-Fi in New York.  

The places you can get free Wi-Fi access in New York are Lower Manhattan, Manhattan Parks such as The High Line and Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, every underground subway station, tour buses, and tourist attractions and some shops, cafes and stores. 

So yeah, don't worry, while you're visiting New York, you'll never disconnect from social media, thus you can share Instagram stories from Central Park, from the top of the Empire States or the Brooklyn Bridge, anywhere, anytime. 

Source: wiggijo/pixabay

3. Hong Kong

Of course, when you're in a futuristic city like Hong Kong, it's not surprising to have access to free Wi-Fi all around the city. There are many Wi-Fi-HK hotspots available across the city in different locations such as tourist attractions, shopping malls, parks and gardens, visitor centers, sports venues, museums, ferry terminals, and government buildings.

Just by buying the official Tourist SIM for your phone only for HK$69, you can have additional 12,000 PCCW hotspots too!

Source: Simon Zhu/Unsplash

4. Tallinn, Estonia

Even though being a small nation, the Estonian government turned Tallinn into a technological, wireless city! Even if you're at the beach or in the forest, you'll have access to Wi-Fi in this magical city. 

There are 966 free Wi-Fi spots in Tallinn, such as parks, squares, pubs, cafes and touristic areas since the Estonian government considers internet access a universal right for its inhabitants. 

A couple of years ago, one official even said that you can actually walk from Tallinn to Tartu, which is about one hundred miles, without losing your Wi-Fi connection. 

Just download the app which displays the Free Wi-Fi locations in Tallinn, and after downloading, your device can change from one network to another easily. 

Source: Karson/Unsplash

5. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv was one of the first cities in the whole word which offered free Wi-Fi access at 80 locations around the city and as of 2019, there are now more than 180 hotspots all around the city. Even at the most popular tourist attractions in the city, you can connect to free Wi-Fi. 

In various places in Tel Aviv, you can use free Wi-Fi and it's expected that in the future, there will be more hotspot points around the city. So while you're having the time of your life in the great, golden beaches of Tel Aviv, you can enjoy the opportunity of free Wi-Fi. 

Source: Adam Jang/Unsplash

6. Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is the city with the fastest internet in the world, and it also has 10,000 hotspots all around the city. Some of the locations with the free network are Itaewon Airport, most of the public parks, municipal sites and the very touristic neighborhood, Gangnam. 

So while walking around in the city of creative and original minds, you'll never feel disconnected from life. You can always have a Wi-Fi connection in Seoul, and it might be even faster than the one you're using right now! 

Source: ssalae/pixabay

7. Perth, Australia

The fourth-largest city of Australia, Perth, offers free public Wi-Fi around the CBD(Central Business District), East Perth(Claisebrook Cove) and Northbridge. Once you connect to the network, "Perth Wi-Fi", you can walk around the city and remain connected to the Wi-Fi at all times.

Visitors in the city are allowed an hour's connection, but you can reconnect to the network, and it's okay really 'cause it's free and it's everywhere!

Source: Fadzai Saungweme/Unsplash

8. Barcelona, Spain

While visiting Barcelona, exploring Gaudi's brilliant architecture, enjoying the beach and the warm sea, eating Paella, you don't need to stay away from your social media channels. Barcelona offers free Wi-Fi networks throughout the city; in parks, shopping centers, museums, bars, restaurants, beaches and of course, at the airport. 


Barcelona has more than 700 hotspots, so it'll never disappoint you when you need to search for something on the internet immediately. Seems like you have another reason for visiting Barcelona now!

Source: Daniel Corneschi/Unsplash

9. Paris, France

Since 2007, Paris offers free Wi-Fi networks in over 260 public places and 400 terminals. Visitors can use over 200 hotspots up to 2 hours, and it's easy to log in again even after the time out. Along with the parks, cafes, libraries, and touristic places like Louvre are covered with networks too and you can connect to Wi-Fi through these networks with ease.

So, while you're living your dream Parisienne life, you'll be able to check your Instagram, Twitter, and mailbox too. Yeah, being a modern Parisienne is a big deal after all, but free Wi-Fi in Paris makes it a whole lot easier and much more fun!

Source: Léonard Cotte/Unsplash
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