Little Squirrel Gets Drunk After Eating Fermented Pear

A woman had left the fruits in her garden for wildlife to eat.

A little squirrel in Minnesota has gotten itself tipsy by innocently eating pears that turned out to be fermented. 

A cute video showing the inebriated animal swaying by a bowl filled with fruits left outside by a local woman in her garden in Inner Grove Heights, Katy Morlok, has emerged and is making the rounds on YouTube

The squirrel was not in danger nor was it harmed, as Morlok told local news channel Fox 9 that he was back the next morning all spritely and ready for more food. 


"It kind of dawned on me: ‘Oh no, those pears were so old, I bet they fermented," Morlok told Fox 9. She had observed the squirrel snatch one of the old pears and run up a tree where it enjoyed its tasty treat. Little did it or Morlok know that it would make the little squirrel unsteady on its feet.

As Morlok thought the pear was such a hit, she had gone back outside to add more to her bowl. 

The squirrel, which Morlok dubbed Lil Red, came back an hour after eating some of her pears swaying and looking a little worse for wear. At this point, Morlok worried a little. 

"And then he got drunk and I did not mean to do that so I went out and I grabbed all the pears," she explained to Fox 9.

In the video, it's clear to see the inebriated animal rocking slowly back and forth, tilting almost to the point of falling, before quickly gathering itself back again, only to sway backwards once more. It's a funny sight as we know the squirrel was fine the next day. 


This isn't the first time animals get drunk consuming certain foods. Back in March, these wild elephants in Yunan province in China took a little tipsy nap in a tea garden nearby after drinking one too many gulps of corn wine.

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