Elon Musk Personally Delivers Tesla Model 3 to Customer in New Plastic-Free System Trial

Tesla's new delivery process uses enclosed trailers to take the electric vehicles straight from the factory to the buyer's home in pristine condition.

Tesla's trial of a new vehicle delivery system saw one lucky customer have his Tesla 3 delivered to his home by none other than CEO Elon Musk. Needless to say, the new electric vehicle owner was ecstatic as he took to Twitter to share the 'unforgettable' day.

A 'super convenient' process

The tweet was posted by Musk himself who explained that the special delivery starring him was a trial for a new 'super convenient' delivery system. The system may also be eco-friendly as it saves on the usual plastic wrapping.

In pictures posted by the happy new customer, the blue car can be seen being delivered in a giant crate. Musk explained that the new process uses enclosed trailers to transport cars straight from the factory to buyers’ homes in pristine condition. 

Efficiency tweaks on the rise

Musk has been hinting at several efficiency tweaks regarding the sale and delivery of his cars lately. After a customer reported waiting time issues with acquiring contracts last week, Musk tweeted about a new paperless solution.

The new option looks like a digital signature enabled contract that has become quite common these days. It seems the option will also be made available for returns.

Removing a paper trail is eco-friendly, but Musk is likely concerned with efficiency. Early in July, Reddit released a thread on the company's new 5-minute sign and drive policy for ordering Model 3s.


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People these days are in a hurry and Tesla, it seems, is seeking to please with near instant gratification. With Tesla also ramping up its production numbers and seeing increased demand, it is only logical to take all measures to improve its delivery systems.


Indeed, when a customer reported backlog issues to Musk on Twitter, the CEO responded by referencing the company's impressive increase in delivery rates. He said the growth was equivalent to "hitting a square wave."

With Tesla Model 3 having made its European debut this month, we can only imagine the firm's delivery rates will continue to grow in the future. In the meantime, we are sure Musk will keep coming up with innovative and speedy delivery upgrades. 

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